“Joy of Giving” Week

“The joy you give to others is the joy that comes back to you”

First day of “Joy of Giving” week was celebrated at Acropolis Technical Campus with the mission of giving TIME, SKILLS and VISIONS.
The motive of the event was to spread happiness among bus drivers and conductor, by sharing fun moments and giving thank you cards to them .Along with this, skills development session was conducted by Mr.Sarvesh Raj Rocque for the housekeeping staff of Acropolis Technical Campus.

“In teaching others we teach ourselves”

Day 2 of “Joy of Giving” week. YUVACRO contributed with the mission of GIVING VISIONS to the students of government school at Tillore. We made them aware of the resources and technologies which are present in today’s era. We focused on the overall development of an individual and shared the bond of knowledge with them.

Family is not the most important part of life, family is life. But there are people who with every passing day feel the pain of not having a life, pain of not having the family!

The day 3’s joy was “Joy of Giving family”!!

4 beautiful hours were planned for feeling this joy of filling the gaps of family in the life of children and Grandparents @Bahuudaishya orphanage and @ AmarSevashram Vriddhashram.

Event Pics
expressing-gratitude-to-them mr-sarvesh-rocque-conducted-skill-development-session-for-house-keeping-staff
program-conducted-for-bus-drivers-conductors students-conveying-thanks

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