CSE Faculty Member

S.No. Name of Faculty Designation Mail ID
1 Mr. Sanjay Bansal Professor and HOD sanjaybansal@acropolis.in
2 Dr. Abhay Kothari Professor abhaykothari@acropolis.in
3 Ms. Sushma Khatri Associate Prof. sushmakhatri@acropolis.in
4 Mr. Amit Khare Associate Prof. amitkhare@acropolis.in
5 Ms. Kavita Namdev Associate Prof. kavitanamdev@acropolis.in
6 Mr. Deepak Agrawal Assistant Prof. deepakagrawal@acropolis.in
7 Ms. Juhi Kanungo Assistant Prof. Juhikanungo@acropolis.in
8 Ms.Shaifali shrivastav Assistant Prof. shaifalishrivastav@acropolis.in
9 Mr. Keshav purswani Assistant Prof. keshavpurswani@acropolis.in
10 Mr. Avinash Singh Bundela Assistant Prof. avinashbundela@acropolis.in
11 Ms. Ankita verma Assistant Prof. ankitaverma@acropolis.in
12 Mr. Anurag Punde Assistant Prof. anuragpunde@acropolis.in
13 Mr. Prashant Sharma Assistant Prof. prashantsharma@acropolis.in
14 Mr. Satyam Shrivastav Assistant Prof. satyamshrivastava@acropolis.in
15 Mr. Anil Kumar Patidar Assistant Prof. anilpatidar@acropolis.in
16 Mr. Rahul Patel Assistant Prof. rahulpatel@acropolis.in
17 Mr. Amit Jain Assistant Prof. amitjain@acropolis.in
18 Ms. Preetika Saxena Assistant Prof. Preetikasaxena@acropolis.in
19 Mr. Yogesh Kakde Assistant Prof. yogeshkakde@acropolis.in
20 Ms. Diksha Santwani Assistant Prof. dikshasantwani@acropolis.in
21 Mr. Ashish agrawal Assistant Prof. ashishagrawal@acropolis.in
22 Ms. Nisha Rathi Assistant Prof. nisharathi@acropolis.in
23 Ms. Vandana Kate Assistant Prof. vandanakate@acropolis.in
24 Mr. Rahul Moriwal Assistant Prof. rahulmoriwal@acropolis.in
25 Mr. Shiv kumar Dubey Assistant Prof. shivdubey@acropolis.in
26 Mr. Ritesh Khedekar Assistant Prof. riteshkhedekar@acropolis.in