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E-LEAD: Forge Sustainable Future

Department: Entrepreneurship Cell

Date: March 15 and 16, 2019

Details of Speakers:
1) Mr. Anil Chhikara – CEO, Startup India Foundation
2) Mr. Gautam Khetrapal – Founder, LifePlugin
3) Ms. Anu Meena – Founder, AgroWave

Details of Speaker Panelist:
1) Ms. Mahalakshmi Saravanan – Founder, Women Entrepreneurs India
2) Ms. Punita S Kapoor – Deputy Editor, Entrepreneur Magazine
3) Mr. Anshul Dave – CEO and Managing Partner, Ocean Bridge LLP
4) Mr. Sushanto Mitra – CEO Lead Angels Network
5) Mr. Anil Chhikara – CEO, Startup India Foundation

Details of Panel Discussion Moderator & Facilitator for Business Model Canvas Workshop:
1) Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar – Founder, Potential and Possibilities

Details of Investors Panel:
1) Mr. Vinod Keni – Growth Partner, Artha Venture Funds
2) Mr. Anshul Dave – CEO and Managing Partner, Ocean Bridge LLP
3) Ms. Neha Jain – Co-Founder, Z Nation Lab
4) Mr. Sushanto Mitra – CEO Lead Angels Network
5) Mr. Vishal Ramaswamy – Vice President, Alteria Capital
6) Mr. Kiran Mehta – CEO, Sridham Enterprises LLP
7) Ms. Nidhi Saraf – Founder and CEO, Key Ventures
8) Mr. Abhishek Sanghvi Swan Angel Network.

Details of Top 10 Shortlisted Startup Participants:
1) Upvaas Hospitality – Indore
2) Gohippo Logistic – Indore
3) Drug Mega Mart – Indore
4) Carragreen – Indore
5) Safexpay – Mumbai
6) Gabbit Systems – Ghaziabad
7) Unati – Bhopal
8) The Shirt Shop – Indore
9) HLDS Life Care Solutions – Indore
10) Citispotter – Indore

Support Partners: Z Nation Lab
Incubation Partners: AIC-RNTU, Scale, Incuspaze, Zero Gravito, Startuped, VASPL initiatives pvt. Ltd., 36 Inc
Sponsors: Laabham, India Food Junction, ICE- Inspiring, Creativity and Endeavour

No. of Participants: Approx 300

Details of Participants:
1) Startups from Pan India
2) Students from ATC, AIMSR, AIPER, AITR and AFMR
3) Students from RGTU affiliated Colleges (For BMC Workshop Only)

Objective of the event:
1) To inculcate the seed of entrepreneurship among students
2) To provide an exposure to our students which will give sustainability and Growth to their Careers
3) To enable the attendees to believe on the whole new world of entrepreneurs which is supportive and encouraging
4) To help startups find a support system while educating students about the current trends in startup culture, teaching them the art of seeking funds and identifying the gaps within market, initiating a realization about the importance of a 10-minute pitch and five minutes of straight grilling that acts as an important step in the growth of startup.
Event Highlights:
E-Lead 2019, Acropolis’ very first entrepreneurship summit is an event unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit, capturing innovation at its best and rebelling the limits. A cynosure to create an ebullient and virtuous future, E-LEAD is all about chasing ambitions. The Summit was a conjunction of Inspiring Speaker Sessions, Thought Provoking Panel Discussion and the grandeur PitchBiz 2019: Investors Meet Founders, where the convoy of dreams took a curve towards the uphill of reality.

Day-1: March 15, 2019

“Daag Acche Hain: Celebrating Failures and learning from them”
A session by Mr. Anil Chhikara – CEO- Startup Foundation

“Nobody makes billion dollars in first idea, all the big ones have done different things in beginning.”
The beginnings are always nerve wrecking and at the same time exciting, with everyone’s adrenaline up high, the spadework around the clock initiated.
What can be a more rational approach, than to learn from the failures, failures are the building blocks towards success, Mr. Chhikara, CEO Startup India Foundation spoke on ‘Daag Acche Hai’, and in a very naturalistic and benign manner a link was established between the first steps of creation to the epitome of greatness. ‘The person who inspires you, is your biggest ally’ ergo the aura of this exemplary session carved an unalloyed path for every attendee to ‘move ahead’ with faith and determination.

“Future Agritech, From Village to AgroWave”
A Session by Ms. Anu Meena – Founder, AgroWave

The flair of skills is within ourselves, to grasp it and wield it, is all one needs to have a closure with our efforts. In those moments of epiphany, we realize, it’s all about what we can do to make a difference, to be an initiator of change, to be our superior individuals and the challenges are always imbued but to pull us through those challenges we have our adroitness. Ms. Meena, a very young entrepreneur believes that “your passion and perseverance can drive you beyond sky”. She narrated how she identified the gap in the agriculture sector and taking inspiration from her grandfather- a farmer, started AgroWave.
She stated, self believe has all the answers and routes of success. Your passion derives and creates all the possibilities

A Panel Discussion on, Startups: An Indian Canvas, A Way Ahead

To be able to observe, fathom and assimilate the overall run through of the mechanism from the aces of the industry just before our sight is the greatest deal. The panel discussion circled around a topic very close to the entrepreneurial heart ‘Startups: An Indian Canvas, A Way Ahead’.
The renowned entrepreneur from various disciplines were all together on one platform to give the insights. During the entire dialogue, the environs were as zestful as scholarly, the backdrop of the discussion was, in what manner the multifariousness and categorization of the Indian economy and the immensely sky rocketing businesses govern the sprouting trades positively as well as provide a learning opportunity.
The major learning drawn were: to have a hands on entrepreneurial experience, students should intern with startups. There is no right and wrong time to start an entrepreneurial journey, what one has to look are the gaps and opportunities.

“Koshish Mei Kashish- It’s all about making it happen”
A session by Mr. Gautam Khetrapal, Founder- LifePlugin

Mr. Khetrapal presented with a topic which was a balance of emotions and power ‘Koshish me Kashish’. The title itself gave goosebumps, unrivalled ending to the first day of E-Lead 2019. The whole session was drawn out to be energetic and exciting, it was a sight to be gold marked.’ It was a head to toe inspiring talk about how believing in your vision to create, to develop, to invent the world which we want to fabricate.
‘Believer is Achiever.’ The words justify themselves, with the vision of creating the Disneyland of Learning and Education, the entire talk at its crux was filled with passion and desire to transform one’s vision into the originality in an enthusiastic and artistic way.
Whenever you have an inspiration, act on it, was the message at end, loud and clear

Day-2: March 16, 2019


Promoting Entrepreneurship: Business Model Canvas

To instill students with the knowledge of business and to add value to their ideas, Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research in association with Rajiv Gandhi Technical University under TEQIP-III organized “One Day Workshop on “Promoting Entrepreneurship – Business Model Canvas”.


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