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Expert Lecture on “Industrial Machines Today and Beyond”

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an Expert Lecture on Industrial Machines Today and Beyond. By SB Naik, President at ITL Industries Ltd. Indore. In this session, The main aim of this expert lecture was to enlighten the students with marketing strategy and core concept behind the marketing world. During this expert lecture he shares his experience of 25 years of marketing and some glimpses of life. We came across various aspects in which we learned about how to build a strong relation with customer (CRM) and toanalyze the customer needs, desire and feedback. He explained that Marketing is all about make, all, remember, know, exist, together, in and growing. This seminar acknowledges us from marketing world that is how to sell yourself first, then your product comes.For the growth of company, marketing department plays a vital role. Knowledge and awareness of your surrounding world gives you upper hand on your competitor

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