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Expert Lecture on “Latest Technologies used in ISRO.”

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering organized an Expert Lecture on Latest Technologies used in ISRO.” By Mr. Ravi Kumar Verma (scientist engineer) from ISRO Ahmedabad. The expert told us that you don’t need to be in the NIT or IIT to be part of any big organisation, it depend on the people to chase their dream and be a part of any organisation. Other than this he shared his experiences and told about various other things like India has its own navigation system name NVAIC that tracks every moment of anything just like a GPS system. He also told about the vision of ISRO that is shared, nurtured and enhanced over the decade. He also told about Satellite, Which launched Indian television program for Jhabua from ISRO with more than 3000 people at a time for the education purpose. Satellite cost of kalpana 250 Cr Revenue generated was around 3300 Cr used for costal area, weather report and Fisher men. He also told us that in the next five years India will be free Wi-Fi for everyone and till 2015 they had launched around 237 satellites of 28 countries. The lecture was prodigious. Students assimilated more about the ISRO and its working, innovations and all their ambiguities were cleared by him. At the end of the session, he conferred the student’s who were best in synergy with him.

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