Group Director CDC Message


Dear Students,

The speedy industrial growth and synergetic blend of technology and innovation is fuelling dynamism in global business arena. Transcending effectively the ever changing dynamic business horizon is the key challenge for today’s professional in any discipline or vertical in Industry. It is our consistent endeavor by career development cell at Acropolis to access & identity the evolving leadership and techno managerial imperatives of industry and pursues a multidisciplinary approach to harness and channelize the latent potential of our budding professionals.

Career Development Cell provides the students an insight into the complex dynamics of the corporate world and is fine-tuned significantly every time to stay abreast with the current critical industrial & business scenarios. We ensure an environment wherein students at Acropolis unlock their potential and develop the inherent skills and insight to take the leadership roles in their own way.

You’ve chosen us as an institute that supports your dreams and goals. Whether it was a specific program, entrepreneurship skill development or higher studies, values, location, financial package, or intimate learning environment, something drew you to Acropolis and allowed you to trust us with educating and preparing you as student for a change agent in future setting up a bench mark in dynamic business world being an “ACROPOLIAN

Prof Atul N. Bharat
Group Director Career Development Cell &
Chair person- Entrepreneurship Cell