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Leadership Talk on- Art of Decision Making

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Event: Leadership Talk on- Art of Decision Making by Shri AjitDoval, National Security Advisor, Government of India (Live webinar session)

Date of Event: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The department of the mechanicalengineeringhad organized a talk on “Art of Decision Making” by Shri AjitDoval, National Security Advisor, and Govt. of India for students, faculty members and staff of Mechanical dept. united on Tuesday, 19 March 2019 in G-20and session live from 11:30AM. The program was the third session in a seriesconducted by Institution Innovation Council, an initiative by the ministry of MHRD, Govt. of India under India first leadership talk series.

It was an enlightening session as we learned from experiences and learnings from his career. Ajit Sir started by talking about making decisions and explained that it’s not important what decision you make, it’s more important to make that decision right. He said it’s important to emphasize your research, knowledge,and experience while making any decision. He further explained how bravery, commitment, tolerance,and farsightedness helps you to overcome barriers that may come when you’re working towards your goals. He also specified communication as the “best asset anyone can have”. He also explained the importance of being self-dependent as it makes us more responsible and reliable decision maker for our society.
When asked about the current war situations in the world, he said that if any war happens it will be unaffordable. To that question, he also added the term “Fourth Generation War- Electronic warfare” which is invisible and it’s our duty as citizens to eradicate that.

He concluded by saying that we should identify our identity by our mission.
In all, sir motivated all the students and faculties to work towards their goals and he said that we should be proud of everything that we do for our country.

There is a need to be seen as powerful makes leaders exhibit amplified confidence in their own views. Confidence is perceived by many as an important attribute of leadership. This session is a set example of decision-making story by giving answers to the questions asked by the moderator. The decision making processes is full of fear, anxiety,andinsecurity, but is the process of observing and proper planning. The questions asked “What the tough decision you made are and how you made that decision? “The right decision is less but making a right decision is best”, with full bravery and confidence. In all, the session was very understandable and was appreciated by the students and faculty members.

Students and faculty member summarised teaching and learnings from the session in the end. Prof Marwah added his own examples and experiencesto support the decision-making process.


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