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Project Guide

Name of Event
Project Guide

Date of Event

Objective of Event
To acquaint the students with various new technologies on which projects can be developed

Mrs. Pushpa Pathak

Details of Participants
Students of MCA 3rd and 5th semesters

No. of Participants
Around 80


A talk titled “Project Guide” by Jayesh Jodhawat, a hacker by profession and co-writer of the books like A complete hands-on Guide to Docker containers and A to Z of Dockers was delivered on 17/09/18 in FCA department. Objective of the lecture was to expose the students with new technologies on which projects can be developed. Various frameworks like Django, Flask, AIML, PHP, Bootstrap, Slim, Symfony were discussed. The speaker told the audience about MEAN Stack. He demonstrated the use these technologies by developing small projects, for clear understanding. He recommended the students to start using Ubuntu as it is widely used, in almost all the organizations including Microsoft. He advised them to groom oneself as full stack developer. He concluded the session with tips on goggling.

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