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Project Robot – Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport Indore

The genesis of this project happened on account of a desire expressed by Mrs. Aryama Sanyal Airport Director  during her visit to AITR regarding the need of helping the passengers regarding their concerns about various issues at the airport. Many a times due to lack of manpower the passengers are at quandary. This gave rise to the Robot Project jointly planned and executed by the EC and MCA dept team.

The team did an recce at the airport regarding the various issues and it was decided to develop a robot to be placed at the arrival lounge and that will give the passengers regarding the contact details of terminal manager in case of any issue.

The mechanics and the electronics part was designed by the EC team comprising of Prof Udaybhanu Singh Chandrawat, Prof. Prabhat Pandey, Mr Imran Baig and the students. The software was developed by the Prof Geeta Santhosh, Prof Arvind Jaiswal and the student team.

The robot was indigenously developed at the EC dept. lab. The project took 90 days to plan and execute. The robot activation included welcoming the passenger on sensing the presence of an individual by a voice command and namaskar like action. It works in two modes – welcome mode and information mode with the help of a toggle switch.

The software was developed in Android environment and included an interactive module to depict the information in text and voice form about the Airport, Indore and the Flights from Indore

As the Indore City is first in Cleaniness and Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport Indore is first in their region in Asia Pacific, it was  decided to name the robot as “Robot no 1”.

The unveiling of the Robot took place on 29.01.2019 at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport Indore by the regional executive director Mr. Keshav Sharma in presence of  Airport Director, Aryama Sanyal, Chairman AITR Shri Gaurav Sojatia, Mrs Shraddha Sojatia, Mrs Namrata Sojatia, Vice Chairman Shri M K Dube, Group Director Shri. Atul N Bharat, Director Dr. S C Sharma, Prof Geeta Santhosh, Prof. Udaybhanu Singh Chandrawat, Prof Prabhat Pandey, Prof Arvind Jaiswal, Mr. Imran Baig and the student team.

In the next phase the robot will work in a dynamic manner with the use of AI to tell about terminal gate change and flight information in run time.



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