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Expert Lecture on iPhone & iOS Application Development

An expert lecture on iPhone Application Development was conducted under the CSI Student Chapter of AITR, Indore at auditorium in AITR. The keynote speaker for the session was Mr. Manish Nahar, who is a M.E. from SGSITS and working on iPhone Application Development Technology since past 10 years. He had a vast experience of development in various object oriented languages and had created many applications for the iPhone and iOS. The major emphasis of the lecture was on various tools and technologies that iOS and iPhone supports. The application development in this sphere is an integral part of the mobile technology that is arising as the future of next generation technological trends. Mr. Manish Nahar had emphasized on various aspects of iOS development as MVC architecture, iOS IDE for development Xcode 3.2, objective-c, iPhone OS 3.2.He took the overview of iPhone technology and overview of Objective-c Language that is the basic platform for the development on the iOS Applications. He also covered how to publish the application on Apple app Stores and earn money overnight with applications that can be sold in unison with Apple and its products. He also demonstrated how to write a Happiness application on Apple computer for iPhone.
The expert lecture was facilitated by Prof. Sanjay Bansal(Prof. and Head, CSE Department).The intended audience comprised of Students from CS and IT branch including the staff members from the same departments.A memento as a mark of remembrance was being presented by CSI Student Branch Member. The coordinator team for the same comprised of: Prof. Nitin Hambir, Prof. Jitendra Soni, and Prof. Deepak Agarwal. Event Reported by: Prof. Nayyar Ahmed Khan(CSE Department).
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