Hack Tricks 2013: Competition Cum Workshop on Ethical Hacking

Hack Tricks 2013

We are pleased to inform that the department of FCA has organized a championship, whose preliminary step was a workshop named “Hack Tricks 2013” which was conducted by “Wegilent Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” in association with “Ecell IIT Mumbai”on 16 and 17th March 2013.The finale of the same will be conducted on 15th April 2013.
The workshop was attended by 38 students excluding 3 faculties. Workshop was delivered by Mr. Shivam Chaitanya and Mr. Amit Aasthana from Wegilent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The workshop was basically on Ethical Hacking which first describes the various tools of hacking and then tells about the loop holes which exists in the current website and identifies the points from where one can hack some important data. Students in workshop were briefed about the current technologies and tools which are used for hacking and then how to secure one’s data from being hacked. In the late hours, a test was taken by the representatives from Wegilent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. whose results will be declared soon and the winners will be awarded with gift vouchers of INR 2000 and will proceed ahead for the finale.
As per the feedback by the students they found this workshop interesting and as an eye opener. Students are also provided with the certificate of participation and a CD consisting of the information PPT’s and the tools related to hacking. The workshop was co-ordinated by Mr. Chetan Singh Khinchi (Asst. Prof. – Department of FCA), Mr. Chetan Carpenter (Student) and Mr. Avinash K. Tiwari(Student).
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