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Industrial Visits

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering organized Industrial visits to various leading manufacturing units for BE and Diploma Mechanical Engineering students in order to bridge the gap of theory and practical exposure. The visits were organized with the guidance of Dr. S.C. Sharma Director and Dr. Amit Kumar Marwah, HOD. Faculty organizing: Prof. Saurabh Jain have taken efforts and initiative, which made the visits a grand success.

Our students visited various Industries, which gave greater clarity about various production and management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action. Our students visited in the following industries:

  1. Shakti Pumps India Ltd. Indore
  2. G. Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. Sanwer road, Indore
  3. Mani Industries Pvt. Ltd., Sanwer road, Pithampur
  4. JASH Pvt. Ltd. Sanwer road, Indore
  5. On Site visit (Association with ISHRAE Student Chapter)


  1. ROCA

Mechanical Engineering IIndYear students along with two faculty members visited M/s Roca Sanitary Ware Dewas on 20/042019. Roca is a Spanish Company involved in manufacturing of sanitary products, and it has 78 plants all over world including 7 in India, in which Dewas plant is the largest. It’s a BS, OSHAS 18001:2007; ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company deals with the manufacturing of basins, faucets, closets and other bathroom furniture and accessories. Mr. Hemant Vaidya(Roca) addressed the students about the manufacturing processes included in the making of closets. Later safety officer and the design head explained the functioning of the unit and the different steps employed.

Firstly the raw materials (like china clay) converted into powdered form and then mixed with water to form slurry. Casting department makes a model of dying by using chemicals like epoxy resin, rubber etc. These die is used for making a mould. Generally 10000 to 12000 pieces of mould prepared by one die. Then the liquid clay mixture (slurry) is poured in the mould and placed for drying in the drying section. After drying, glazing is done on surface of the casted product then these are sent to tunnel kiln by using automatic kiln cars which works 24/7.

The final product obtain from kiln is go for many test viz. Quality assurance test, flushing test, dimension test and load bearing test.

After passing these tests the product is ready for selling. If product is fractured then it is recycled in the form of powder and used in glazing.



The main aim of these three days training was to enlighten the faculties with building automation system. On first day, Mr. Packiaraj D gave a complete overview on introduction to HVAC, Monitoring and control of HVAC, Power, Lighting, and Total Room Automation. He explained us about their products from valves and actuators to sensors and thermostats and the use of Desigo-CC software and in experience centre he showed the products and their working.

On the second day, Security System, Access Control System overview and features and CCTV technology and features were well explained by Mr. Ashwin R. Third day a complete overview on Fire Alarm system explained by Mr. Kalidasan S. All of their products fulfilled the highest quality standards. Energy efficiency, easy handling and long lifecycles Integrated Voice Panels, Advance operations & Commissioning of Fire Alarm System, concept and essentials of gas based suppression system and also explained about seamless integration into building automation and control systems.

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