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Placement details

Highest Package offered:8 Lac & 17 Companies hired above 5 lac+

360 Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ajay Patel MCA 360 Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Adarsh Badwaya CS Accenture
Astha Jain CS Accenture
Avadhesh Tomar CS Accenture
Mahim Panchal CS Accenture
Ujjwal Patidar CS Accenture
Anshul Verma ECE Accenture
Parakh Agrawal IT Accenture

Addverb Technologies

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Kratika Patidar IT Addverb Technologies


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Adesh Rajput MECH Adroit
Ankesh Nagar MECH Adroit
Ankit Ranjan MECH Adroit
Devendra Rathore MECH Adroit
Harsh Shrivastava MECH Adroit
Kartik Pawar MECH Adroit
Mudit Nagar MECH Adroit
Nayan Choudhary MECH Adroit
Suryakant Nagar MECH Adroit
Vishal Pagare MECH Adroit
Yuvraj Sharma MECH Adroit


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Disha Sahu CS Ameyo


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Abbas Numberdar ECE Atos
Bhagyashree Padalkar ECE Atos

Batch Master

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Gaurav Agrawal IT Batch Master


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Anurag Mehta CS Blazeclan
Arun Parmar CS Blazeclan
Hardik Goswami CS Blazeclan
Harsh Gupta CS Blazeclan
Mayur Rathore CS Blazeclan
Siddharth Porwal CS Blazeclan
Vinal Agrawal CS Blazeclan
Anshul Verma ECE Blazeclan
Harsh Patni ECE Blazeclan
Dhawla Vaishnav IT Blazeclan
Nayan Rajani IT Blazeclan
Palkesh Goyal IT Blazeclan

BNP Paribas India Solutions

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Nimisha Tiwari CS BNP Paribas India Solutions
Pranjal Bhawsar CS BNP Paribas India Solutions
Priyansha Tiwari CS BNP Paribas India Solutions

BVM MicroSystems

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Devwardhan Pathak IT BVM MicroSystems


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aman Gole MECH Byjus
Nishant Chourasia MECH Byjus


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Anurag Jain CS Calsoft
Isha Jain IT Calsoft


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Divyanshu Jain IT Canopus
Pragya Dubey MCA Canopus


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aditya Dilliwal CS Capgemini
Aditya Gautam CS Capgemini
Aishwarya Pawar CS Capgemini
Akshay Nahar CS Capgemini
Amit Patni CS Capgemini
Ananya Nandi CS Capgemini
Animesh Sharma CS Capgemini
Anshul Dhanotiya CS Capgemini
Aryan Vijayvargiya CS Capgemini
Ashwini Jain CS Capgemini
Astha Jain CS Capgemini
Atharv Rathore CS Capgemini
Avanish Bhatt CS Capgemini
Ayush Patidar CS Capgemini
Bhakti Jain CS Capgemini
Chanchal Agrawal CS Capgemini
Cherry Agrawal CS Capgemini
Deeksha Kasture CS Capgemini
Deeksha Narang CS Capgemini
Devashish Mahere CS Capgemini
Diksha Kharche CS Capgemini
Disha Sahu CS Capgemini
Divyansh Sarraf CS Capgemini
Diya Chouhan CS Capgemini
Gourav Sharma CS Capgemini
Isha Joshi CS Capgemini
Jalaj Khare CS Capgemini
Kaushal Zod CS Capgemini
Khushboo Ahuja CS Capgemini
Mahak Shukla CS Capgemini
Mahim Panchal CS Capgemini
Mansi Gund CS Capgemini
Masoom Pophaley CS Capgemini
Mehul Nakra CS Capgemini
Mohini Surveshi CS Capgemini
Mustafa CS Capgemini
Navdeep Chauhan CS Capgemini
Nehal chourasia CS Capgemini
Nihal Sargaiya CS Capgemini
Nikhil Bansal CS Capgemini
Nimisha Tiwari CS Capgemini
P Shrikant CS Capgemini
Prajwal Kalne CS Capgemini
Pranjal Bhawsar CS Capgemini
Pratyush Vaidya CS Capgemini
Rahul Matwani CS Capgemini
Rahul Sahu CS Capgemini
Rajat Tambare CS Capgemini
Rohit Gupta CS Capgemini
Sakshi Nayak CS Capgemini
Samraddh Saxena CS Capgemini
Satakshi Deshmukh CS Capgemini
Somya Jain CS Capgemini
Sundram Gupta CS Capgemini
Suyash Gupta CS Capgemini
Swaraj Lonsare CS Capgemini
Tanay Sharma CS Capgemini
Kirti Tomar ECE Capgemini
Utkarsh Rasal ECE Capgemini
Amaan Sheikh IT Capgemini
Amisha Shandilya IT Capgemini
Aniket Vijayvargiya IT Capgemini
Anusha Chhajed IT Capgemini
Astha Jain IT Capgemini
Nishtha Bhopatkar IT Capgemini
Oshini Shastri IT Capgemini
Palak Bajaj IT Capgemini
Rohit Sisodiya IT Capgemini
Rudraksh Shukla IT Capgemini
Shivani Kushwah IT Capgemini
Swarnim Khire IT Capgemini
Vani Swarnkar IT Capgemini
Yash Joshi IT Capgemini
Yash Nenwani IT Capgemini
Divya Singh MCA Capgemini

Capital Via

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Prakhar Tiwari CS Capital Via
Shatakshi Bhatnagar CS Capital Via

Chapter 247

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Divya Namdev MCA Chapter 247


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Kunal Sool CS CIS
Muskan Solanki CS CIS
Piyush Thakur CS CIS
Siddharth Verma CS CIS
Bhushan Silora MCA CIS


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Archit Jain CS CloudLIMS

Cogitate Technology Solution

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Rahul Sahu CS Cogitate Technology Solution


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Avani Mandloi CS Cognixia


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Kuldeep Laharpure IT Cognizant


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ayushi Jain IT Collabera
Nayan Rajani IT Collabera


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ayush Tiwari CIVIL Congruex
Ajeet Upadhyay ECE Congruex
Ankit Mishra ECE Congruex
Paritosh Upadhyay ECE Congruex
Vidushi Vijaywargiya ECE Congruex
Arman Ahmed MECH Congruex
Tejaswi Soni MECH Congruex
Vipin Khandelwal MECH Congruex
Vivek Sharma MECH Congruex
Yash Joshi MECH Congruex
Yash Joshi MECH Congruex

ConsultAdd INC

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Serisha Jain CS ConsultAdd INC


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Anand Barhanpurkar CS Daffodil
Priya Patni CS Daffodil
Sakshi Sharma CS Daffodil
Samiksha Dubey CS Daffodil
Sanjana Patel CS Daffodil
Suyash Gupta CS Daffodil
Utkarsh Jain CS Daffodil
Amisha Shandilya IT Daffodil
Shyam Kumawat IT Daffodil


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Animesh Sharma CS Deqode
Devashish Mahere CS Deqode
Mustafa CS Deqode
Nihal Sargaiya CS Deqode
Nikhil Bansal CS Deqode


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Pushkar Dhakad CS Digivalet
Tushar Nagdive CS Digivalet
Vijay Choudhary CS Digivalet


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Himanshu Banwari CS eInfochips
Nishtha Agrawal CS eInfochips
Risha Vijayvargiya CS eInfochips
Samarth Bhargava CS eInfochips
Anjali Verma DDMCA eInfochips
Arvind Mukati DDMCA eInfochips
Harsh Gupta IT eInfochips
Palkesh Sharma IT eInfochips
amit verma MCA eInfochips
Sonali Sharma MCA eInfochips


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Animesh Tayal CS EPAM
Suyash Gupta CS EPAM


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Anuradha Rathore CS Evosys
Akshay Jaiswal MECH Evosys
Vitthal Sharma MECH Evosys


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Diya Chouhan CS Gammastack
Pratyush Vaidya CS Gammastack
Sarvesh Gandhi CS Gammastack


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Harsh Malviya CS Gyrix
Prasoon Jain CS Gyrix
Soumy Alguje CS Gyrix
Yash Rawal CS Gyrix
Tanvi Rathi IT Gyrix


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Sarvesh Gandhi CS Hexaview


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Anurag Jain CS Hexaware
Priyansha Tiwari CS Hexaware
Sanskriti Rathore CS Hexaware
Rohit Sisodiya IT Hexaware
Saksham Doshi IT Hexaware


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ayushi Lonkar CS HSBC
Bhakti Jain CS HSBC


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Serisha Jain CS ILead


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ayush Solanki CS Impetus
Masoom Pophaley CS Impetus
Siddharth Verma CS Impetus
Hritik Karma IT Impetus
Maitri Gharewal IT Impetus
Palkesh Sharma IT Impetus


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ayushi Jain IT Infobeans
Shivani Kushwah MCA Infobeans
Simran Thakur MCA Infobeans


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aakash Kasera CS Infogain
Aman Thakre CS Infogain
Mayank Choudhary CS Infogain
Sakshee Sahu CS Infogain
Atharv Nashikkar IT Infogain
Pawan Kumar IT Infogain
Radhika Gurjar IT Infogain


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Manvendra Singh Bais CS Infosys


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Akash Prajapat CS Innoeye
Anuj Kushwah CS Innoeye
Arif Patel CS Innoeye
Pushkar Dhakad CS Innoeye
Raghvendra Chauhan CS Innoeye
Sakshi Singh CS Innoeye
Tushar Nagdive CS Innoeye
Vaibhav Chouhan CS Innoeye
Vijay Choudhary CS Innoeye
Anand Prajapat IT Innoeye
Atharva Deshmukh IT Innoeye
Rahul Sariya IT Innoeye
Rishi Prajapati IT Innoeye
Saksham Doshi IT Innoeye
Shubham Bhargav IT Innoeye
Siddarth Carpenter IT Innoeye
Tanvi Rathi IT Innoeye
Yash Chatter IT Innoeye


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Hridyaniket Meena CS Intellicus
Siddharth Choudhary CS Intellicus
Jaya Bagora MCA Intellicus

ISC Software

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Kajal Thakur CS ISC Software

IJob Depot

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Dheeraj Sharma MCA IJob Depot
Sujit Rathore MCA IJob Depot


Kritin Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Monika Tiwari MCA Kritin Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Suyash Karan MCA Kritin Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Light Guide

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Lavish Sharma MECH Light Guide
Vitthal Sharma MECH Light Guide


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Harsh Dave MECH Liugong
Shivam Gawali MECH Liugong
Vaibhav Dhawade MECH Liugong

Mango IT Solutions

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Hitesh Jain CS Mango IT
Yashika Chouhan CS Mango IT
Shubham Trivedi MCA Mango IT


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Pradeep Patidar CS MindTree

Morgan Stanley

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Avanish Bhatt CS Morgan Stanley
Nishtha Bhopatkar IT Morgan Stanley


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Navadha Agrawal CS Nagarro
Rhythm Jain CS Nagarro
Tanmay Jain CS Nagarro
Pushkar Dhakad CS Nagarro
Ritik Solanki CS Nagarro
Shreya Jain CS Nagarro
Paljeet Sambhi IT Nagarro
Nitin Choudhary CS Nagarro
Kratika Agrawal IT Nagarro


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aakash Kasera CS NeoSOFT
Gunjan Patidar CS NeoSOFT
Balram Kewat MCA NeoSOFT

New Vision

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Prashansa Mishra DDMCA New Vision


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Siddhant Thakur MECH Newgen


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Abhishek Mahawadi CS Onehash
Alifiyah Shahid CS Onehash
Anushka Trivedi CS Onehash
Avani Mandloi CS Onehash
Prashant Singh CS Onehash
Pritesh Pawar CS Onehash
Simran Nim CS Onehash
Vinal Agrawal CS Onehash


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aishwarya Pawar CS Persistent
Ashwini Jain CS Persistent
Ayush Singh CS Persistent
Deeksha Kasture CS Persistent
Diksha Kharche CS Persistent
Khushboo Ahuja CS Persistent
Mandeep Baghel CS Persistent
Mukul Malviya CS Persistent
Nehal chourasia CS Persistent
Pratyush Vaidya CS Persistent
Priya Patni CS Persistent
Rohit Gupta CS Persistent
Sarthak Parakh CS Persistent
Sarvesh Gandhi CS Persistent
Shivam Goyan CS Persistent
Shubham Thakur CS Persistent
Amisha Shandilya IT Persistent
Vishal Chouhan IT Persistent


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ankit Chimaniya CS Potomac
Avi Kadam CS Potomac
Nikita Chouhan CS Potomac
Nitin Choudhary CS Potomac
Prasoon Jain CS Potomac
Yashika Chouhan CS Potomac
Vishad Khemasara IT Potomac

Power N

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Adarsh Badwaya CS Power N
Ankit Chimaniya CS Power N
Priyam Kanojia CS Power N
Maitri Gharewal IT Power N

Process Master

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Vishal Chouhan IT Process Master

Quovantis Technologies

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Kunal Sool CS Quovantis Technologies
Rhythm Jain CS Quovantis Technologies
Risha Vijayvargiya CS Quovantis Technologies
Tanmay Jain CS Quovantis Technologies
Yash Nandwal CS Quovantis Technologies
Isha Jain IT Quovantis Technologies


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ujjwal Patidar CS RWS
Parakh Agrawal IT RWS

Sciative Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Rishabh Shukla DDMCA Sciative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Deepak Patel MCA Sciative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Navadha Agrawal CS Synoriq
Rhythm Jain CS Synoriq
Ritik Solanki CS Synoriq


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aanchal Sharma CS TCS
Akash Prajapat CS TCS
Akshat Jhabak CS TCS
Amit Patni CS TCS
Anant Jain CS TCS
Anuradha Rathore CS TCS
Anurag Jain CS TCS
Anurag Mehta CS TCS
Aryan Vijayvargiya CS TCS
Ayush Khatri CS TCS
Bhakti Jain CS TCS
Chanchal Agrawal CS TCS
Darshika Verma CS TCS
Deeksha Narang CS TCS
Devashish Mahere CS TCS
Disha Sahu CS TCS
Hardik Goswami CS TCS
Lalit Ahuja CS TCS
Mahim Panchal CS TCS
Pratiksha Verma CS TCS
Priyansha Tiwari CS TCS
Priyanshi Chopra CS TCS
Raghavendra Gehlot CS TCS
Rahul Sahu CS TCS
Rajat Tambare CS TCS
Ritik Solanki CS TCS
Ritika Tandon CS TCS
Sameer Ansari CS TCS
Samiksha Yadav CS TCS
Sarthak Parakh CS TCS
Saumya Bhardwaj CS TCS
Siddharth Jain CS TCS
Siddharth Porwal CS TCS
Vaibhav Chouhan CS TCS
Yash Malviya CS TCS
Yash Nandwal CS TCS
Sakshi Rathore ECE TCS
Astha Jain IT TCS
Atharva Deshmukh IT TCS
Avinash Babel IT TCS
Harshit Pathak IT TCS
Mahima Sengar IT TCS
Nikhil Soni IT TCS
Saksham Doshi IT TCS
Shubham Bhargav IT TCS
Tanisha Goyal IT TCS
Tanvi Rathi IT TCS
Vani Swarnkar IT TCS
Yukta Parikh IT TCS
Divya Singh MCA TCS
Neha Kushwah MCA TCS
Sonali Joshi MCA TCS
Paridhi Holkar MECH TCS
Prakhar Doshi MECH TCS

TCS (Codevita)

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Animesh Sharma CS TCS Codevita
Anshul Dhanotiya CS TCS Codevita
Astha Jain CS TCS Codevita
Ayushi Lonkar CS TCS Codevita
Chinmay Geete CS TCS Codevita
Darshana Porwal CS TCS Codevita
Deeksha Kasture CS TCS Codevita
Divyansh Sarraf CS TCS Codevita
Garvita Gehlot CS TCS Codevita
Harsh Kushwah CS TCS Codevita
Jalaj Khare CS TCS Codevita
Mohini Surveshi CS TCS Codevita
Mohit Patel CS TCS Codevita
Mukul Malviya CS TCS Codevita
Mustafa CS TCS Codevita
Nihal Sargaiya CS TCS Codevita
Nikhil Bansal CS TCS Codevita
P Shrikant CS TCS Codevita
Prajakta Dixit CS TCS Codevita
Prajwal Kalne CS TCS Codevita
Prakhar Dubey CS TCS Codevita
Pranjal Bhawsar CS TCS Codevita
Pratyush Vaidya CS TCS Codevita
Priya Patni CS TCS Codevita
Shubham Thakur CS TCS Codevita
Prachi Mutha DDMCA TCS Codevita


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Damodar Punasiya CS Techinfini
Mahesh Parmar IT Techinfini


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Animesh Sharma CS TEKSYSTEMS


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aman Gole MECH Thermax
Lavish Sharma MECH Thermax
Paridhi Holkar MECH Thermax

V2 Solution

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Soumy Alguje CS V2 Solution

VE commercial vehicle

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Vivek Mishra MCA VE commercial vehicle


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Rishabh Shukla DDMCA Vedantu

Virim Infotech

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Udbhav Dave CS Virim Infotech


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Chanchal Agrawal CS Wipro
Jigyasa Vaishnav CS Wipro
Sanskriti Rathore CS Wipro
Yashasvi Upadhyay ECE Wipro
Anand Prajapat IT Wipro


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Alina Shaikh DDMCA Workpulse
Sumit Patel DDMCA Workpulse


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ananya Nandi CS Xoriant
Animesh Sharma CS Xoriant
Mehul Nakra CS Xoriant
Nihal Sargaiya CS Xoriant
Swaraj Lonsare CS Xoriant
Yash Malviya CS Xoriant

Yash Technologies

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Akshat Jain CS Yash Technologies
Amitoz Hora CS Yash Technologies
Animesh Tayal CS Yash Technologies
Chinmay Pacharne CS Yash Technologies
Jitendra Patel CS Yash Technologies
Mukul Borkar CS Yash Technologies
Muskan Joshi CS Yash Technologies
Pradeep Patidar CS Yash Technologies
Praveen Gupta CS Yash Technologies
Sakshee Sahu CS Yash Technologies
Aishwary Nashikkar IT Yash Technologies
Alpesh Dongre IT Yash Technologies
Atharv Nashikkar IT Yash Technologies
Kratika Agrawal IT Yash Technologies
Kriti Khede IT Yash Technologies
Monil Soni IT Yash Technologies
Radhika Gurjar IT Yash Technologies

American Chase

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Savyasachi Shailendra Joshi ECE American Chase


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aditya M Verma CSE Atmecs
Aman Dubey CSE Atmecs
Gourish Padhiar CSE Atmecs
Mayank Tomar ECE Atmecs
Aarti Patel IT Atmecs

Best Peers

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Varsha Arun Kumar Chawla CSE Best Peers

Blazeclan Technology

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aman Rathore CSE Blazeclan Technology
Anushri Saxena CSE Blazeclan Technology
Arham Aalam Ansari CSE Blazeclan Technology
Mahima Chourasia CSE Blazeclan Technology
Makarand Mahesh Karambelkar CSE Blazeclan Technology
Nimish Mandowara CSE Blazeclan Technology
Parth Tiwari CSE Blazeclan Technology
Pratyush Pare CSE Blazeclan Technology
Praveena Dubey CSE Blazeclan Technology
Priyesh Sugandhi CSE Blazeclan Technology
Sameer Panat CSE Blazeclan Technology
Siddhant Tripathi CSE Blazeclan Technology
Yashi Bindal CSE Blazeclan Technology
Ankit Thakur IT Blazeclan Technology
Chaitanya Vaishampayan IT Blazeclan Technology


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Pranav Kanungo CSE Byju’s
Mayank Sen MECH Byju’s


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aakash Katariya CSE Capgemini
Aditi Kabra CSE Capgemini
Aditya Tiwari CSE Capgemini
Anshul Paliwal CSE Capgemini
Chetan Parsiya CSE Capgemini
Chirag Jain CSE Capgemini
Deepesh Rohit CSE Capgemini
Dinky Acharya CSE Capgemini
Divyansh Agrawal CSE Capgemini
Dolly Gadiya CSE Capgemini
Hardik Parnami CSE Capgemini
Jatin Chandrashekhar Shastri CSE Capgemini
Karanpal Singh Chhabara CSE Capgemini
Kavita Patel CSE Capgemini
Khushal Chouhan CSE Capgemini
Kriti Chandel CSE Capgemini
Medha Gupta CSE Capgemini
Moin Uddin Kazi CSE Capgemini
Muskan Tongia CSE Capgemini
Neha Khatriya CSE Capgemini
Nishit Vibhandik CSE Capgemini
Nitin Chandrashekhar Shastri CSE Capgemini
Pavan Mishra CSE Capgemini
Pawan Patidar CSE Capgemini
Pawan Saroj CSE Capgemini
Poorva Paliwal CSE Capgemini
Pradhumna Rathore CSE Capgemini
Preeti Patidar CSE Capgemini
Priyatam Iklodiya CSE Capgemini
Ravi Vaishnav CSE Capgemini
Ritik Sharma CSE Capgemini
Rituraj Singh Rathore CSE Capgemini
Sagar Suryawanshi CSE Capgemini
Sangini Ladia CSE Capgemini
Shailendra Singh Jodhana CSE Capgemini
Shailja Dubey CSE Capgemini
Shubham Jain CSE Capgemini
Soumya Kothari CSE Capgemini
Srishti Agrawal CSE Capgemini
Srishty Bam CSE Capgemini
Vedant Sharma CSE Capgemini
Vipul Somani CSE Capgemini
Yash Maheshwari CSE Capgemini
Yashi Ajmera CSE Capgemini
Abhimat Jain ECE Capgemini
Adarsh Geete ECE Capgemini
Akruti Raikwar ECE Capgemini
Garvita Gajendra Kumar ECE Capgemini
Harsha Pandey ECE Capgemini
Jay Chandwani ECE Capgemini
Kratika Jain ECE Capgemini
Priyanshi Bhawsar ECE Capgemini
Saransh Gupta ECE Capgemini
Sawan Malviya ECE Capgemini
Shubham Chourasiya ECE Capgemini
Sunil Singh Sisodiya ECE Capgemini
Tanvi Swarnkar ECE Capgemini
Udit Bhati ECE Capgemini
Yash Agrawal ECE Capgemini
Yash Rimjha ECE Capgemini
Aakrati Bakliwal IT Capgemini
Aditya Puranik IT Capgemini
Akshay Modi IT Capgemini
Amiaha Bhawsar IT Capgemini
Ankit Goyal IT Capgemini
Harsh Malviya IT Capgemini
Jigyesh Rathod IT Capgemini
Kartik Dinesh Panchal IT Capgemini
Mridul Chidwal IT Capgemini
Murtaza Anis IT Capgemini
Naman  Gujarathi IT Capgemini
Parag Dheeng IT Capgemini
Parth Korawala IT Capgemini
Parul Bhartiya IT Capgemini
Prakhar Parmar IT Capgemini
Pratiksha Marmat IT Capgemini
Priyanka Sahu IT Capgemini
Rishabh Rathore IT Capgemini
Rohan Deshpande IT Capgemini
Shantanu Pal IT Capgemini
Uma Joshi IT Capgemini
Vimaljeet Singh Bhachu IT Capgemini
Yash Porwal IT Capgemini
Aayushi Shashikant Bhawsar MCA Capgemini
Manish Roiwal MCA Capgemini
Manisha Carpenter MCA Capgemini
Shivani Karnewar MCA Capgemini
Vineeta Telkar MCA Capgemini


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Animesh Siddh MECH Cipla
ANKIT Deshmukh MECH Cipla
Balram Patidar MECH Cipla
Chirag Solanki MECH Cipla
Harsh Lambhate MECH Cipla
Prateek Agrawal MECH Cipla
Tirth Shah MECH Cipla
Yashraj Singh Panwar MECH Cipla


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aditya Patwa CSE Cognizant
Aman Jakodiya CSE Cognizant
Anushka  Dixit CSE Cognizant
Aryan Sharma CSE Cognizant
Avani Maheshwari CSE Cognizant
Ayush Shukla CSE Cognizant
Dinki Popli CSE Cognizant
Gaurav Panchal CSE Cognizant
Geetanjali Katare CSE Cognizant
Hariom Sharma CSE Cognizant
Jayant Shakya CSE Cognizant
Kapil Kumar Gupta CSE Cognizant
Prithvi Chouhan CSE Cognizant
Yashaswini Arun Taose CSE Cognizant
Dipendra Singh Gehlot ECE Cognizant
Shubham Yadav ECE Cognizant
Tanmay Bhagwat ECE Cognizant
Anshul Jaiswal IT Cognizant
Bhupendra Mishra IT Cognizant
Hardik Jain IT Cognizant
Harsh Raghuwanshi IT Cognizant
Pranika Tomar IT Cognizant
Rohit Patidar IT Cognizant
Sachin Parihar IT Cognizant
Vishal Hemant Baghsawari IT Cognizant
Anubhav Yadav MECH Cognizant
Mayank Sen MECH Cognizant
Mohit Patel MECH Cognizant
Shubham  Jain MECH Cognizant


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Jigyasa  Dave CSE Collabera
Sarthak Bhaiji CSE Collabera
Anshu Vaishnav ECE Collabera
Hardik Shah ECE Collabera


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Dheerendra Patel MECH Congruex

Cyware Labs India Private Ltd.

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Udit Sen CSE Cyware Labs India Private Ltd.
Vaibhav Bhawalkar CSE Cyware Labs India Private Ltd.
Yogesh Kumar CSE Cyware Labs India Private Ltd.


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Anant Shree Chouksey CSE Daffodil
Naman Jain CSE Daffodil
Pranjal Gupta CSE Daffodil
Priyal Jain CSE Daffodil
Riya Sahu CSE Daffodil

Dark Horse

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Abhishek Dasondhi MCA Dark Horse
Garima Bhavsar MCA Dark Horse

Deep Logics

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aashutosh Soni CSE Deep Logics


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aleena Khan CSE DXC
Chetan Parsiya CSE DXC
Khushal Chouhan CSE DXC
Prashant Pal CSE DXC
Jay Chandwani ECE DXC
Nikhil Milind Pandit ECE DXC
Rahul Soni ECE DXC
Shantanu Pal IT DXC

EInfochip Technology

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aman Verma CSE eInfochip Technology
Shivani Shrotriya CSE eInfochip Technology
Navy Gupta ECE eInfochip Technology
Mayank Jeevtani IT eInfochip Technology
Shubhangi Rajkumar Tomar IT eInfochip Technology
Pavan Patel MCA eInfochip Technology

Eternus Technology

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ram Karma IT Eternus Technology


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Avadhesh Yadav CSE Gammastack
Dheeraj Patel CSE Gammastack
Dhwaj Gupta ECE Gammastack

Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aman Sharma MECH Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Rhytham Patel MECH Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Gyrix Technology

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Neha Arora MCA Gyrix Technology
Shivam Jwell MCA Gyrix Technology

Harman International

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Yash Mundra CSE Harman International

Hidden Brain

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ajay Rathor CSE Hidden Brain
Ashwin Pathak CSE Hidden Brain
Shruti Agrawal CSE Hidden Brain
Aarshita Yawar ECE Hidden Brain
Abhimat Jain ECE Hidden Brain
Agam Manoj Jain ECE Hidden Brain
Sanskriti Rathore ECE Hidden Brain
Shivam Kumar ECE Hidden Brain
Shivashish Sharma ECE Hidden Brain
Yuvraj Singh Jhala ECE Hidden Brain
Hitesh Kumawat IT Hidden Brain
Nikhil Bhutra IT Hidden Brain
Yuvraj Singh Panwar IT Hidden Brain


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Babita Ramchandra Banodha CSE IBM
Poorva Paliwal CSE IBM


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Pragati Malviya CSE Impetus


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Anshuman Shukla CSE Infosys
Sameer Panat CSE Infosys
Siddharth Varangaonkar CSE Infosys
Deepali Kushwah IT Infosys
Kishan Santlani IT Infosys


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Chetan Parsiya CSE Innoeye
Hari Agrawal CSE Innoeye
Khushal Chouhan CSE Innoeye
Amit Ashok Verma IT Innoeye
Anushka Sharma IT Innoeye

Jaro Education

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Renuka Kale ECE Jaro Education


Name of Student Branch Company Name


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Prashant Pal CSE Mindtree

Morgan Stanley

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Yashaswini Arun Taose CSE Morgan Stanley

Motherson Sumi

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Amit Gour MECH motherson sumi
Pratik Doifode MECH motherson sumi

NIIT Technology

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Adarsh Vaishnav CSE NIIT Technology
Deeksha Gajbhiye CSE NIIT Technology
Prashant Pal CSE NIIT Technology
Aalok Vaidya ECE NIIT Technology
Archana Devdhar ECE NIIT Technology
Forum Shah IT NIIT Technology
Geetanjali  Kori IT NIIT Technology
Prabhudayal Prajapati IT NIIT Technology
Prerna Verma IT NIIT Technology
Aayushi Shashikant Bhawsar MCA NIIT Technology
Manjeet Hhoudni MCA NIIT Technology


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Arham Aalam Ansari CSE Persistent
Ashwin Kushwah CSE Persistent
Chandresh Phirke CSE Persistent
Divyesh Jain CSE Persistent
Himanshu Bhavsar CSE Persistent
Kunal Jaiswal CSE Persistent
Parag Shah CSE Persistent
Pratyush Pare CSE Persistent
Rashi Jain CSE Persistent
Shubhanshu Saxena CSE Persistent
Swadesh Jaiswal CSE Persistent
Tarun Patel CSE Persistent
Udit Sen CSE Persistent
Vaibhav Bhawalkar CSE Persistent
Vishal Changdeo Karhade CSE Persistent
Yogesh Kumar CSE Persistent
Chaitanya Vaishampayan IT Persistent
Megha Sunhare IT Persistent


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Jitendra Vishwakarma IT Potomac
Lovemeet Singh Chouhan IT Potomac
Yuvraj Singh Rajput IT Potomac

Pratibha Syntex Pvt.Ltd.

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Ankuri Jain IT Pratibha Syntex Pvt.Ltd.
Shardha Dhaked IT Pratibha Syntex Pvt.Ltd.
Suditi Patel MECH Pratibha Syntex Pvt.Ltd.

Premshree prime properties ltd.

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Piyush Pandya CIVIL Premshree prime properties ltd.
Vishal Solanki CIVIL Premshree prime properties ltd.
Yash Kataria CIVIL Premshree prime properties ltd.
Yash Thakur CIVIL Premshree prime properties ltd.


Name of Student Branch Company Name


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Animesh Siddh MECH ROCA
Ashutosh Pandey MECH ROCA
Pranjal Jain MECH ROCA

T systems

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aashish Bairagi CSE T systems
Aayush Paliwal CSE T systems
Aditi Gupta Gupta CSE T systems
Anjali Anil Rane CSE T systems
Babita Ramchandra Banodha CSE T systems
Harshita Kashyap CSE T systems
Siddharth Deulkar CSE T systems


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aayush  Soni CSE TCS
Aditya M Verma CSE TCS
Aditya Singhai CSE TCS
Arham Aalam Ansari CSE TCS
Arpit Sharma CSE TCS
Astha Khimesara CSE TCS
Ayush Hardas CSE TCS
Ayushi Jain CSE TCS
Bhupendra Chourasiya CSE TCS
Bhupesh Rai Choudhary CSE TCS
Chandresh Phirke CSE TCS
Chitresh Jain CSE TCS
Dinky Acharya CSE TCS
Divya Patidar CSE TCS
Gourav Sharma CSE TCS
Gourish Padhiar CSE TCS
Hemant Kumar Mangwani CSE TCS
Himanshu Bhavsar CSE TCS
Jatin Chandrashekhar Shastri CSE TCS
Kanika Chouhan CSE TCS
Kapil Deshpande CSE TCS
Kunal Jaiswal CSE TCS
Mahima Chourasia CSE TCS
Manan Jindal CSE TCS
Mayank Gupta CSE TCS
Muskan Mahajan CSE TCS
Namrata Soni CSE TCS
Neha Khatriya CSE TCS
Neha Solanki CSE TCS
Nikhil Munjal CSE TCS
Nitin Chandrashekhar Shastri CSE TCS
Parag Shah CSE TCS
Parth Tiwari CSE TCS
Pavitra Saxena CSE TCS
Pradhumna Rathore CSE TCS
Pradyumna Sarode CSE TCS
Pratyush Pare CSE TCS
Praveena Dubey CSE TCS
Priyal Jain CSE TCS
Priyesh Sugandhi CSE TCS
Rachit Gumphekar CSE TCS
Rahul Jain CSE TCS
Rahul Kailash Patidar CSE TCS
Sameer Panat CSE TCS
Samiksha Pandit CSE TCS
Sanchit Pandya CSE TCS
Saurabh Kushwah CSE TCS
Servesh Gupta CSE TCS
Shachita Jain CSE TCS
Shivali Chaturvedi CSE TCS
Shruti Sunil Jain CSE TCS
Shubhanshu Saxena CSE TCS
Srishti Agrawal CSE TCS
Suyash Patodi CSE TCS
Tanya Sahu CSE TCS
Tarun Patel CSE TCS
Udit Sen CSE TCS
Vaibhav Bhawalkar CSE TCS
Vipul Somani CSE TCS
Vishal Changdeo Karhade CSE TCS
Yash Mundra CSE TCS
Yashi Ajmera CSE TCS
Yogesh Kumar CSE TCS
Apoorv Thakuria ECE TCS
Pooja Nangyani ECE TCS
Rini Chakraborty ECE TCS
Aishwarya Chouhan IT TCS
Ankit Thakur IT TCS
Divya Anand Lalwani IT TCS
Harsh Chaudhary IT TCS
Harshal Jain IT TCS
Kishan Santlani IT TCS
Manasvi  Jain IT TCS
Mayank Jeevtani IT TCS
Megha Sunhare IT TCS
Paridhi  Mistri IT TCS
Pramod Choudhary IT TCS
Rachna Agrawal IT TCS
Sakshi Agrawal IT TCS
Siddharth Gupta IT TCS
Vaishali Wanjare IT TCS
Rani Chouhan MCA TCS


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Deepak Dangi CSE TechInfini
Mohd Baquir Qureshi CSE TechInfini
Sagar Suryawanshi CSE TechInfini
Sarthak Bhaiji CSE TechInfini
Shubham Jain CSE TechInfini

Tek Systems

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Pradyumna Sarode CSE Tek Systems
Shruti Sarasan CSE Tek Systems
Rachna Agrawal IT Tek Systems


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Shubham Gupta CIVIL Thermax
Krishna Vallabh Patidar MECH Thermax
Mayank Sen MECH Thermax
Virendra Patidar MECH Thermax

Value labs

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Deepak Goyal CSE Value labs
Naved Saxena CSE Value labs
Sakshi Jain CSE Value labs
Shachita Jain CSE Value labs
Suyash Patodi CSE Value labs
Yogesh Kumar CSE Value labs
Aayush Patniya IT Value labs
Aman Sharma IT Value labs

Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Soham  Patel ECE Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Amit Gour MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Arjit Thakur MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Ashish Verma MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Ashutosh Pandey MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Chetan Saxena MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Chirag Solanki MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Durgesh Harode MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Faizan Sheikh MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Govind Dinesh Gupta MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Hemant Singh MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Jay Garg MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Md Moin Khan MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Mudit Yeolekar MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Mustafa Tinwala MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Pratik Doifode MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Rahul Dangi MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Yash Champawat MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.
Yogesh Choudhary MECH Varroc Engeneering Pvt Ltd.

Virim Infotech

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Mahesh Mahajan IT Virim Infotech


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Avni Tanwar CSE Wipro
Ayushi Yogendra Verma CSE Wipro
Babita Ramchandra Banodha CSE Wipro
Geetanjali Katare CSE Wipro
Jatin Chandrashekhar Shastri CSE Wipro
Medha Gupta CSE Wipro
Naman Jain CSE Wipro
Parth Tiwari CSE Wipro
Poorva Paliwal CSE Wipro
Pradyumna Sarode CSE Wipro
Pragati Malviya CSE Wipro
Prithvi Chouhan CSE Wipro
Punit Gaikwad CSE Wipro
Servesh Gupta CSE Wipro
Shadab Khokar CSE Wipro
Shubham Gothi CSE Wipro
Siddharth Deulkar CSE Wipro
Tarun Patel CSE Wipro
Udit Sen CSE Wipro
Vipul Somani CSE Wipro
Yash Mundra CSE Wipro
Dhruv Yadav ECE Wipro
Mayank Tomar ECE Wipro
Ankit Thakur IT Wipro
Anshul Jaiswal IT Wipro
Anushka Yadav IT Wipro
Divya Anand Lalwani IT Wipro
Kishan Santlani IT Wipro
Mridul Chidwal IT Wipro
Prakhar Parmar IT Wipro


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Shadab Khokar CSE Xoriant


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Akriti Jain CSE Xpanxion
Gourav Sharma CSE Xpanxion

Yash Technology

Name of Student Branch Company Name
Shruti Sunil Jain CSE Yash Technology
Aarti Patel IT Yash Technology
Rohit Patidar IT Yash Technology


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Aditya Singhai CSE Zensar
Avni Tanwar CSE Zensar
Ayushi Yogendra Verma CSE Zensar
Bhupesh Rai Choudhary CSE Zensar
Mohini Jadhav CSE Zensar
Punit Gaikwad CSE Zensar
Rahul Mehta CSE Zensar
Shubhi Airen CSE Zensar
Atharva Pravin Keshre IT Zensar
Divya Godani IT Zensar
Paridhi  Mistri IT Zensar
Shweta Singh IT Zensar


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Chandresh Phirke CSE Zeta
Gourav Sharma CSE Zeta


Name of Student Branch Company Name
Siddharth Gupta IT Zycus

Atmecs Technology

Full Name BRANCH Company
Prachi Patidar CS Atmecs Technology
Rhythm Agrawal CS Atmecs Technology
Shreya Jaiswal CS Atmecs Technology
Harshit Choudhary EC Atmecs Technology
Mayank Khanna EC Atmecs Technology
Nitin Baghel IT Atmecs Technology

Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Full Name BRANCH Company
Aadarsh Sharma CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Aditya Jajpure CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Annant Gupta CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Bharti Sharma CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Chirag Pagaria CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Pratik Bhawsar CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Priyal Agrawal CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Priyanka Lodhi CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Priyash Yagnik CS Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Naman Balodiya IT Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Nidhi Rajpal IT Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Nupur Goyal IT Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Piyush Wadhwani IT Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Sagar Gupta IT Blazeclan Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Full Name BRANCH Company
Aarti Pahuja CS Capgemini
Abhishek Bhati CS Capgemini
Akhil Jain CS Capgemini
Amey Mahajan CS Capgemini
Ankur Pawar CS Capgemini
Chitransh Derashri CS Capgemini
Gayyur Qureshi CS Capgemini
Harsh Yadav CS Capgemini
Harshit Vijaywargiya CS Capgemini
Harshvardhan Ranawat CS Capgemini
Kishan Patel CS Capgemini
Kriti Jain CS Capgemini
Kunwar Aman Singh CS Capgemini
Lakshya Sinha CS Capgemini
Mansi Fumakiya CS Capgemini
Mayank Yadav CS Capgemini
Pankaj Chourasia CS Capgemini
Payal Ramani CS Capgemini
Prafful Patel CS Capgemini
Priyesh Gupta CS Capgemini
Radhika Lalawat CS Capgemini
Rajul Neekhra CS Capgemini
Rishi Jain CS Capgemini
Ritik Choudhary CS Capgemini
Riya Ranka CS Capgemini
Romil Aniya CS Capgemini
Sakshi Choubey CS Capgemini
Sakshi Jain CS Capgemini
Sanyam Jain CS Capgemini
Shalu Chouhan CS Capgemini
Shivani Joshi CS Capgemini
Shreyas Shastri CS Capgemini
Tanvi Mittal CS Capgemini
Yash Gadwal CS Capgemini
Aastha Mehta EC Capgemini
Aditya Agrawal EC Capgemini
Akash Jain EC Capgemini
Amol Namjoshi EC Capgemini
Anshika Dubey EC Capgemini
Dhruv Khandelwal EC Capgemini
Krati Sharma EC Capgemini
Nishi Swami EC Capgemini
Prachi Agrawal EC Capgemini
Prateek Nigam EC Capgemini
Sherin Lala EC Capgemini
Shubham Vaidya EC Capgemini
Shubham Varma EC Capgemini
Yash Patwa EC Capgemini
Aditi Bais IT Capgemini
Aishwarya Borgaonkar IT Capgemini
Amay Dubey IT Capgemini
Ashwini Lele IT Capgemini
Avinash Jaisingh IT Capgemini
Daksha Sharma IT Capgemini
Divyadeep Neema IT Capgemini
Harshita Jain IT Capgemini
Kajal Dhanotia IT Capgemini
Kashyap Rathore IT Capgemini
Naman Jain IT Capgemini
Praveen Singh IT Capgemini
Rishabh Maratha IT Capgemini
Sachin Parmar IT Capgemini
Shirin Shah IT Capgemini
Shreya Khandelwal IT Capgemini
Shruti Shrivastava IT Capgemini
Soumya Joshi IT Capgemini
Yash Jain IT Capgemini


Full Name BRANCH Company
Kamal Kadam CS CapitalVia
kratik gehlot CS CapitalVia
Parva Jain EC CapitalVia
Pranjal Nagraj EC CapitalVia
Rahul Sanghavi EC CapitalVia
Sourabh Patel IT CapitalVia
Kushagra Shah ME CapitalVia
Nandkishor Patil ME CapitalVia
Ayush Songara MECH CapitalVia


Full Name BRANCH Company
Stuti Tiwari CS CRMNEXT


Full Name BRANCH Company
Nayan Lakhwani CS Diaspark
Shreyash Soni CS Diaspark


Full Name BRANCH Company
Sakshi Tiwari MCA Harbinger
Surbhi Dighe MCA Harbinger


Full Name BRANCH Company
Akshita Vyas CS Hoonartek
Jay Yadav IT Hoonartek

Jaro Education

Full Name BRANCH Company
Mansi Jain IT Jaro Education

NIIT Technology

Full Name BRANCH Company
Aayushi Sharma CS NIIT Technology
Divya Bhat CS NIIT Technology
Rakshit Karma CS NIIT Technology
Sagar Goswami CS NIIT Technology
Samyak Jain CS NIIT Technology
Shruti Jain CS NIIT Technology
Vaibhav Sinha CS NIIT Technology
Ravi Gehlot IT NIIT Technology
Shivani Dwivedi MCA NIIT Technology


Full Name BRANCH Company
Aashi Sharma CS Persistent
Ankit Choudhary CS Persistent
Ankush Sharma CS Persistent
Anushi Agrawal CS Persistent
Divya Dadlani CS Persistent
Gargi Soni CS Persistent
Krishnapal Tomar CS Persistent
Raghav Gupta CS Persistent
Samkit Jain CS Persistent
Samruddhi Yadav CS Persistent
Shefali Agrawal CS Persistent
Sohail Sheikh CS Persistent
Sachin Patidar IT Persistent
Sahaj Sugandhi IT Persistent
Samarth Vijayvargiya IT Persistent
Shahjahan Khan IT Persistent

Reliance Jio

Full Name BRANCH Company
Anamika Chourasia CS Reliance Jio
Ankit Sakargayen IT Reliance Jio


Full Name BRANCH Company
Abhishek Jain CS TCS
Amogh Gadkari CS TCS
Anima Gupta CS TCS
Anna Gerald CS TCS
Anshul Dubey CS TCS
Ashish Chauhan CS TCS
Ashok Makhija CS TCS
Deepesh Agrawal CS TCS
Devansh Sharma CS TCS
Eshita Sawner CS TCS
Gagandeep Manku CS TCS
Hariom Choudhary CS TCS
Nayan Patodi CS TCS
Nazish Ali CS TCS
Pallavi Patel CS TCS
Prashant Bhopte CS TCS
Rahul Kewat CS TCS
Rakshit Karma CS TCS
Richa Shah CS TCS
Sagar Goswami CS TCS
Sarthak Gupta CS TCS
Sonu Singh CS TCS
Vijay Dixit CS TCS
Vikas Khatore CS TCS
Vinayak Chourasiya CS TCS
Aadesh Rathour CSE TCS
Abhishek Ojha EC TCS
Anusha Goyal EC TCS
Damneet Giran EC TCS
Harshit Choudhary EC TCS
Samarth Shrivastava EC TCS
Shivam Tiwari EC TCS
Supriya Dubey EC TCS
Vaishali Rathore EC TCS
Abhishek Raikwar IT TCS
Divesh Sharma IT TCS
Nayan Bandi IT TCS
Prachi Rathore IT TCS
Ankit Rokde MCA TCS
Mohit Patni MCA TCS


Full Name BRANCH Company
Divya Punase CS Teklink
Harshdeep Totlaney CS Teklink
Mehul Mathe CS Teklink


Full Name BRANCH Company
Cherry Mittal CS TekSystems
Sarthak  Tripathi CS TekSystems
Vaidehi Kher CS TekSystems
Sakshi Runwal IT TekSystems

Tudip Technology

Full Name BRANCH Company
Gunjan Kumar CS Tudip Technology
Kshitiz Nagar CS Tudip Technology
Nazish Ali CS Tudip Technology
Prachi Chauhan CS Tudip Technology
Prateek Arya CS Tudip Technology
Richa Shah CS Tudip Technology
Rohan Kushwah CS Tudip Technology
Rupesh Muraliya CS Tudip Technology
Sarvesh Tanwar CS Tudip Technology
Shivam Pandey CS Tudip Technology
Shrikant Upadhyay CS Tudip Technology
Shubham Bhati CS Tudip Technology
Shubhanshu Mishra CS Tudip Technology
Urvashi Murari CS Tudip Technology
Varun Deolase CS Tudip Technology
Divyanshi Koshal EC Tudip Technology
Praphul Katlana EC Tudip Technology
Shreyansh Jain EC Tudip Technology
Ujjwal Kadre EC Tudip Technology
Aditya Rimza IT Tudip Technology
Mahak Verma IT Tudip Technology
Nilesh Barod IT Tudip Technology
Nitesh Parmar IT Tudip Technology


Full Name BRANCH Company
Akanksha Pandit CS Zensar
Amit Vishwakarma CS Zensar
Anubhav Ajmera CS Zensar
Ayushi Dubey CS Zensar
Kartik Choudhary CS Zensar
Mahima Verma CS Zensar
Nikita Mishra CS Zensar
Prabal Tiwari CS Zensar
Preeti Jaiswal CS Zensar
Preetish Bakliwal CS Zensar
Purvi Tayal CS Zensar
Riya Verma CS Zensar
Shaily Agrawal CS Zensar
Shivani Agrawal CS Zensar
Shubhra Jain CS Zensar
Simran Karamchandani CS Zensar
Tanisha Chouhan CS Zensar
Akshat Sharma IT Zensar
Amisha Mishra IT Zensar
Anmol Sisodiya IT Zensar
Anukriti Chourasia IT Zensar
Chetna Khapre IT Zensar
Grishma Kagde IT Zensar
Himanshi Kumrawat IT Zensar
Kaveri Waikar IT Zensar
Mishel Singh IT Zensar
Monisha Kanoje IT Zensar
Neera Bansal IT Zensar
Nikunj Gupta IT Zensar
Rohan Soni IT Zensar
Sakshi Arya IT Zensar
Shalini Vyas IT Zensar
Swapnil Shrivastava IT Zensar
Vaidik Khandelwal IT Zensar
Yashika Goyal IT Zensar


Full Name BRANCH Company
Shivani Kalvade EC Zycus


S. No. Branch College Full Name Name of Company
1 B. Pharma AIPER Rishab Soni Abbott Healthcare
2 B. Pharma AIPER Harshita Patel eNoah  iSolutions
3 B. Pharma AIPER Kiran Verma eNoah  iSolutions
4 B. Pharma AIPER Mohd. Asif Malik eNoah  iSolutions
5 B. Pharma AIPER Mrittunjay Vyas eNoah  iSolutions
6 B. Pharma AIPER Pragya Soni eNoah  iSolutions
7 B. Pharma AIPER Samreen Khatri eNoah  iSolutions
8 B. Pharma AIPER Shraddha Pawar eNoah  iSolutions
9 B. Pharma AIPER Soumya Suneriya eNoah  iSolutions
10 B. Pharma AIPER Mrittunjay Vyas Integrated Resource Incorporation
11 B. Pharma AIPER Samreen Khatri Integrated Resource Incorporation
12 B. Pharma AIPER Rohit Patel Integrated Resource Incorporation
13 CE AITR Ashutosh Agrawal Techture
14 CE AITR Ayush  Pagare Techture
16 CE AITR Tanmay Kushwah Techture
17 CE ATC Aastha Mishra Amazon
18 CE ATC Sanchet Adwani Amazon
20 CE ATC Shubham jindal Amazon
21 CE ATC Aman Shamim Amazon
23 CS AITR Anshika Joshi AVL India Pvt.Ltd
24 CS AITR Chaitanya Sugandhi Best Peers Infosystem
25 CS AITR Ronak Jain Best Peers Infosystem
26 CS AITR Kanhaiya  Dubey Best Peers Infosystem
27 CS AITR Rishabh Nandwal CLICK LABS
28 CS AITR Anish  Jain Collabera
29 CS AITR Vishakha Wadhwani Collabera
30 CS AITR Vaishnavi Bihare Collabera
31 CS AITR Aman  Trivedi Collabera
32 CS AITR Chinmay Agrawal Cyber Infrastructure
33 CS AITR Sumukh Shukla Cyber Infrastructure
34 CS AITR Tarul Sarode Cyber Infrastructure
35 CS AITR Asmita  Sharma Cyber Infrastructure
36 CS AITR Mayank  Agrawal Cyber Infrastructure
37 CS AITR Shubham  Jain Daffodil
38 CS AITR Ritu Godiyal Gyrix
39 CS AITR Akanksha   Kesari Infogain
40 CS AITR Anamaya Mishra Infogain
41 CS AITR Gunika Jain Infogain
42 CS AITR Jaykishan  Jadiya Infogain
43 CS AITR Neeraj Jain Infogain
44 CS AITR Nishika Chopra Infogain
45 CS AITR Pranay Patodi Infogain
46 CS AITR Richa Pagare Infogain
47 CS AITR Rohit Nain Infogain
48 CS AITR Sakshi Maheshwari Infogain
49 CS AITR Tapan Akolekar Infogain
50 CS AITR Yash Jain Infogain
51 CS AITR Yash Sankhala Infogain
52 CS AITR Neelabh Pathak Integrated Resource Inc
53 CS AITR Aadarsh Rathore L&T Infotech
54 CS AITR Aaditya Sharma L&T Infotech
55 CS AITR Aamir Khan L&T Infotech
56 CS AITR Aashutosh Tomar L&T Infotech
57 CS AITR Aayushi Pawar L&T Infotech
58 CS AITR Abhishek  Jain L&T Infotech
59 CS AITR Abhishek Vishwakarma L&T Infotech
60 CS AITR Aditya Jain L&T Infotech
61 CS AITR Akash singh patel L&T Infotech
62 CS AITR Akshata  Vinchurkar L&T Infotech
63 CS AITR Aman Gupta L&T Infotech
64 CS AITR Ambar Pathak L&T Infotech
65 CS AITR Amish Singh L&T Infotech
66 CS AITR Aniket Modker L&T Infotech
67 CS AITR Anshika Jaiswal L&T Infotech
68 CS AITR Anshul Agrawal L&T Infotech
69 CS AITR Anudnya  Khandekar L&T Infotech
70 CS AITR Anushka Agrawal L&T Infotech
71 CS AITR Arti Dhanotiya L&T Infotech
72 CS AITR Arushi Gupta L&T Infotech
73 CS AITR Ashlesha Panse L&T Infotech
74 CS AITR Ayushi Badjatya L&T Infotech
75 CS AITR Chetna Joshi L&T Infotech
76 CS AITR Chirayu Pal Pal L&T Infotech
77 CS AITR Deepesh Bhavsar L&T Infotech
78 CS AITR Dhanur  Motwani L&T Infotech
79 CS AITR Diksha  Choudhary L&T Infotech
80 CS AITR Divya Khanna L&T Infotech
81 CS AITR Gaurav Makwana L&T Infotech
82 CS AITR Himanshu Mishra L&T Infotech
83 CS AITR Kanchan Khatri L&T Infotech
84 CS AITR Kanika Agrawal L&T Infotech
85 CS AITR Kirthi Menon L&T Infotech
86 CS AITR Kshama Saklecha L&T Infotech
87 CS AITR Manjeet Thadani L&T Infotech
88 CS AITR Mayushi Chouhan L&T Infotech
89 CS AITR Nehal Ahuja L&T Infotech
90 CS AITR Nidhi Rathore L&T Infotech
91 CS AITR Nishi Jain L&T Infotech
92 CS AITR Nishita Jain L&T Infotech
93 CS AITR Nishtha Jain L&T Infotech
94 CS AITR Palak Dubey L&T Infotech
95 CS AITR Piyush Ahuja L&T Infotech
96 CS AITR Prachi Godha L&T Infotech
97 CS AITR Prajjwal Bang L&T Infotech
98 CS AITR Prateek Jain L&T Infotech
99 CS AITR Pratyush Baldwa L&T Infotech
100 CS AITR Pravesh Rai L&T Infotech
101 CS AITR Priyanka Khamare L&T Infotech
102 CS AITR Priyansha  Sen L&T Infotech
103 CS AITR Purvi Sarode L&T Infotech
104 CS AITR Rashi Neema L&T Infotech
105 CS AITR Romit Nahar L&T Infotech
106 CS AITR Sajag Jain L&T Infotech
107 CS AITR Sakshi Bisht L&T Infotech
108 CS AITR Shubham Jain L&T Infotech
109 CS AITR Shubham Tiwari L&T Infotech
110 CS AITR Shweta Bhagwani L&T Infotech
111 CS AITR Sidra Choudhary L&T Infotech
112 CS AITR Srajesh  Mishra L&T Infotech
113 CS AITR Suhani Maheshwari L&T Infotech
114 CS AITR Sumit Manchandani L&T Infotech
115 CS AITR Suyash Singhal L&T Infotech
116 CS AITR Swati Patidar L&T Infotech
117 CS AITR Tarun  Rawat L&T Infotech
118 CS AITR Utkarsh Arya L&T Infotech
119 CS AITR Deepak Thakur NCS
120 CS AITR Kuldeep Nahar NCS
121 CS AITR Mohit Deshpande Persistent Systems
122 CS AITR Ripudaman Shrivas Persistent Systems
124 CS AITR Siddhant Jaiswal Systango
125 CS AITR Nishi Rai Systango
126 CS AITR Suraj Soni Systematix
127 CS AITR Akshita  Pamecha TCS
128 CS AITR Anamaya Mishra TCS
129 CS AITR Ankit Singh TCS
130 CS AITR Anushka Jain TCS
131 CS AITR Atharva Mungee TCS
132 CS AITR Tarun  Rawat TCS
133 CS AITR Yash Jain TCS
134 CS AITR Harshita Dilliwal TCS
135 CS AITR Soumya Srivastava TCS
136 CS AITR Nikita Vyas TCS
137 CS AITR Paransha Vyas TCS
138 CS AITR Pallavi Malviya TCS
139 CS AITR Ishu Agrawal TCS
140 CS AITR Ayushi Tripathi TCS
141 CS AITR Harshit Choudhary TCS
142 CS AITR Sanchay Shrivastava TCS
143 CS AITR Anjali  Upadhyay TCS
144 CS AITR Ayush Jaiswal TCS
145 CS AITR Rohit  Patidar TCS
146 CS AITR Tushar Rajput TCS
147 CS AITR Nawaz Ansari TCS
148 CS AITR Yash Agrawal TCS
149 CS AITR Shardul Sharma TCS
150 CS AITR Ayushi  Singh TechInfini
151 CS AITR Somya Jain TechInfini
152 CS AITR Shraddha Borana TechInfini
153 CS AITR Pooja Dave Teklink
154 CS AITR Sharad Jain Teklink
155 CS AITR Karishma  Rathore Tudip Technology
156 CS AITR Deeksha Jain Tudip Technology
157 CS AITR Prajwal Gupta Tudip Technology
158 CS AITR Kruti Mangal Tudip Technology
159 CS AITR Bhavishya Singare Tudip Technology
160 CS AITR Prakhar Jain Tudip Technology
161 CS AITR Akshita Gupta Zensar
162 CS AITR Anantshree  Jain Zensar
163 CS AITR Ankit Singh Zensar
164 CS AITR Avani  Jain Zensar
165 CS AITR Ayushi Jain Zensar
166 CS AITR Ayushi Ranawat Zensar
167 CS AITR Divya Chopra Zensar
168 CS AITR Hussain Kothari Zensar
169 CS AITR Neha  Shastri Zensar
170 CS AITR Pooja Paryani Zensar
171 CS AITR Pratibha  Pandey Zensar
172 CS AITR Priyanshi  Thakur Zensar
173 CS AITR Shubhi Kamdar Zensar
174 CS AITR Yamini Rathore Zensar
176 CS ATC Samarth Mehta Amazon
177 CS ATC Divy Ochani Collabera
178 CS ATC G. Beaula Christuraj Collabera
179 CS ATC Onil Jain Collabera
180 CS ATC Rashmi Raghunath Collabera
181 CS ATC Aditya Athwasiya Cyber Infrastructure
182 CS ATC ANKUR KANUNGO Cyber Infrastructure
183 CS ATC Jayesh Patidar Cyber Infrastructure
184 CS ATC Nehal Pandey Cyber Infrastructure
185 CS ATC pankaj sohani Cyber Infrastructure
186 CS ATC Rohit Jain Cyber Infrastructure
187 CS ATC Abhay Singh Rathore Cyber Infrastructure
188 CS ATC Ranveer Singh Chouhan Daffodil
191 CS ATC Meenal Gangrade Infogain
192 CS ATC Nimish Bhutada Integrated Resource Inc
193 CS ATC Aayush Bhandari L&T Infotech
194 CS ATC Aayushi Nankani L&T Infotech
195 CS ATC Abhishek Mehta L&T Infotech
196 CS ATC Aditya Sonone L&T Infotech
197 CS ATC Aishwarya Matkar L&T Infotech
198 CS ATC Akshata Saxena L&T Infotech
199 CS ATC Anirudh Mahajan L&T Infotech
201 CS ATC Arpita Sharma L&T Infotech
202 CS ATC Ashansh Lokhande L&T Infotech
203 CS ATC Atul Dubey L&T Infotech
204 CS ATC Ayush Dixit L&T Infotech
205 CS ATC Ayushi Bansod L&T Infotech
206 CS ATC Ayushi Indani L&T Infotech
207 CS ATC Chetan Bheniya L&T Infotech
208 CS ATC Chitrarekha Sikarwar L&T Infotech
209 CS ATC Disha Solanki L&T Infotech
210 CS ATC Divya sharma L&T Infotech
211 CS ATC Himani Sharma L&T Infotech
212 CS ATC Himanshi Sharma L&T Infotech
213 CS ATC Jenish Jain L&T Infotech
214 CS ATC Khushboo Khathuria L&T Infotech
215 CS ATC Koushal Jain L&T Infotech
216 CS ATC Nandita jadon L&T Infotech
217 CS ATC Rishabh Daga L&T Infotech
218 CS ATC Riya shukla L&T Infotech
219 CS ATC Sejal Satpute L&T Infotech
220 CS ATC Shreya Tiwari L&T Infotech
221 CS ATC Shubham Yagnik L&T Infotech
222 CS ATC Shuchi Jain L&T Infotech
223 CS ATC Soumitra  Korde L&T Infotech
224 CS ATC Sushil Dubey L&T Infotech
225 CS ATC Tanay Choudhari L&T Infotech
226 CS ATC Vinita Modi L&T Infotech
228 CS ATC Sagar Rajani RELIANCE JIO
229 CS ATC Meenal Gangrade TCS
232 CS ATC Shweta Sardar TCS
233 CS ATC Amit Tiwari TechInfini
234 CS ATC Harshita gajwani Teklink
235 CS ATC Prathmesh Vibhute Teklink
236 CS ATC Jayesh Patidar Tudip Technology
237 CS ATC Akarsh Kathal Tudip Technology
238 CS ATC Tanushree Thapa Tudip Technology
239 CS ATC Vagish Jain Tudip Technology
240 CS ATC Vaibhavi Gupte Tudip Technology
241 CS ATC Shreya Ojha Verdantis
242 CS ATC Amisha Saxena Webdunia
243 CS ATC Anushka mishra Zensar
244 CS ATC Koutuk Upadhyay Zensar
245 CS ATC Niti Pindawala Zensar
246 CS ATC Oshi dubey Zensar
248 CS ATC Prajakta Joshi Zensar
249 CS ATC Pratibha Rathore Zensar
250 CS ATC Purvi Tiwari Zensar
251 CS ATC Ritesh Tiwari Zensar
253 CS ATC Samanvay jain Zensar
254 CS Sai Rohit  Lella TechInfini
255 EC AITR Hemil Shah Amazon
256 EC AITR Shivani Parashar Collabera
257 EC AITR Satakshi Sawle Collabera
258 EC AITR Kratagya Goyal Collabera
259 EC AITR Apan Mehta Digivalet
260 EC AITR Hemil Shah Digivalet
261 EC AITR Premal Choudhary Integrated Resource Inc
262 EC AITR Nitin Pal Chouhan Integrated Resource Inc
263 EC AITR Bharat Maheshwari L&T Infotech
264 EC AITR Garvit Jain L&T Infotech
265 EC AITR Miheer Amdekar L&T Infotech
266 EC AITR Mini Neema L&T Infotech
267 EC AITR Poonam  Sathe L&T Infotech
268 EC AITR Pratyusha sathe L&T Infotech
269 EC AITR Rishita Chopra L&T Infotech
270 EC AITR Shreya Dhoot L&T Infotech
271 EC AITR Vainaykee Gupta L&T Infotech
273 EC AITR Riya  Geete TCS
274 EC AITR Saloni Garg TCS
275 EC AITR Ambika  Venugopal TCS
276 EC AITR Apan Mehta TCS
277 EC AITR Yash Dubey TCS
278 EC AITR Gaurav Dave TCS
279 EC AITR Saumya Shukla ZYCUS
280 EC ATC Neha khubani Amazon
281 EC ATC Ayushi Khandelwal Collabera
282 EC ATC Riya Premdas Collabera
283 EC ATC Shreya Upadhyay Collabera
284 EC ATC Aditya Kanungo Digivalet
285 EC ATC ajay yadav Digivalet
286 EC ATC Tushar Yadav Digivalet
287 EC ATC Akshita parmar L&T Infotech
288 EC ATC ARUN MATAI L&T Infotech
289 EC ATC Mohammed Farzan L&T Infotech
290 EC ATC Vipin Joshi L&T Infotech
291 EC ATC Neha khubani Net2Source
292 EC ATC Mayur Gupta Net2Source
293 IT AITR Laghavi  Paithankar Amazon
294 IT AITR Himanshu Mourya Amazon
295 IT AITR Mudita Hazari Amazon
296 IT AITR Abhay Rajpal Best Peers Infosystem
297 IT AITR Kshitij Paliwal Best Peers Infosystem
298 IT AITR Pranay  Medatwal Best Peers Infosystem
299 IT AITR Sanjay Choudhary Best Peers Infosystem
300 IT AITR Sonal Chouhan Best Peers Infosystem
301 IT AITR Urvashi Chouhan Best Peers Infosystem
302 IT AITR Pranay Kekre Collabera
303 IT AITR Prince Varghese Collabera
304 IT AITR Sanchit Shukla Infogain
305 IT AITR Vedika Shrivastava Infogain
306 IT AITR Arushi Vyas Integrated Resource Inc
307 IT AITR Aman  Gupta L&T Infotech
308 IT AITR Anant Agrawal L&T Infotech
309 IT AITR Arpit Sisodiya L&T Infotech
310 IT AITR Ashit Neema L&T Infotech
311 IT AITR Eesha Mehta L&T Infotech
312 IT AITR Farzan Sheikh L&T Infotech
313 IT AITR Hardik  Pandey L&T Infotech
314 IT AITR Jacob Antony L&T Infotech
315 IT AITR Jagpreet Rajpal L&T Infotech
316 IT AITR Juhi  Saxena L&T Infotech
317 IT AITR Lavina  Soni L&T Infotech
318 IT AITR Naman Mahajan L&T Infotech
319 IT AITR Palkesh Gupta L&T Infotech
320 IT AITR Prachi Tiwari L&T Infotech
321 IT AITR Pranay  Maloo L&T Infotech
322 IT AITR Rajat Jain L&T Infotech
323 IT AITR Rajat Patidar L&T Infotech
324 IT AITR Ravina Joshi L&T Infotech
325 IT AITR Rishabh Jain L&T Infotech
326 IT AITR Riya Nagori L&T Infotech
327 IT AITR Riya Wadhwa L&T Infotech
328 IT AITR Shreya Mandloi L&T Infotech
329 IT AITR Vaibhav Agrawal L&T Infotech
330 IT AITR Yukta Nagori L&T Infotech
331 IT AITR Chetali  Purohit Net2Source
332 IT AITR Himanshu Mourya RELIANCE JIO
333 IT AITR Aman  Gupta TCS
334 IT AITR Kshitij Paliwal TCS
335 IT AITR Pranay  Medatwal TCS
336 IT AITR Urvashi Chouhan TCS
337 IT AITR Charu Agrawal TCS
338 IT AITR Anmol  Agrawal TCS
339 IT AITR Simran Sareen TCS
340 IT AITR Shivani  Parihar TCS
342 IT AITR Roopali Jain TCS
343 IT AITR Abhiruchi Yadav TCS
344 IT AITR Jya Sahu TCS
345 IT AITR Sakshi  Gupta TCS
346 IT AITR Divya Shukla TCS
347 IT AITR Mansi Mundra TCS
348 IT AITR Pranay Mahajan TCS
349 IT AITR Rishabh Chourasia TCS
350 IT AITR Sanjana Sethiya TechInfini
351 IT AITR Sarthak Jain Tudip Technology
352 IT AITR Simran Bhandari Tudip Technology
353 IT AITR Simran  Singhi Tudip Technology
354 IT AITR Likhil  Sharma Tudip Technology
355 IT AITR Achal Pandit Tudip Technology
356 IT AITR Ankit Ahuja Tudip Technology
357 IT AITR Rishabh Moyade Tudip Technology
358 IT AITR Apurva Rathi Zensar
359 IT AITR Ayushi Patidar Zensar
360 IT AITR Dhruv Shrivastava Zensar
361 IT AITR Raveena Khandelwal Zensar
362 IT AITR Reshma Rohira Zensar
363 IT AITR Rishabh  Ramnani Zensar
364 IT AITR Roshika  Jain Zensar
365 IT AITR Rupal Kajle Zensar
366 IT AITR Sukhdeep Judge Zensar
367 IT AITR Yash Bhawsar Zensar
368 MBA AIMSR PRANAY THAKUR Denave for Bharti Airtel
369 MBA AIMSR SHIVANGI JANGDE Denave for Bharti Airtel
370 MBA AIMSR Nitashaj jain Denave for Bharti Airtel
371 MBA AIMSR ANKIT SHARMA Denave for Bharti Airtel
372 MBA AIMSR Shubhanshu tiwari Denave for Bharti Airtel
373 MBA AIMSR gopal lodha Denave for Bharti Airtel
374 MBA AIMSR ANKIT VYAS Denave for Bharti Airtel
380 MBA AIMSR Ishmeet  Kaur Bhatia JARO EDUCATION
381 MBA AIMSR vaseem virani JARO EDUCATION
382 MBA AIMSR ManoJ Jatwa Mahindra Financials
383 MBA AIMSR Harshita Shintre S & P Global
384 MBA AIMSR Priya Ahuja S & P Global
385 MBA AIMSR Aayushi jain S & P Global
386 MBA AIMSR Saurabh sogani S & P Global
387 MBA AIMSR Amit bobde S & P Global
389 MBA AIMSR Siddharth Bapna Space India Nest LLP
390 MBA AIMSR Shubham G. Bramhe Space India Nest LLP
391 MBA AIMSR Ayush Bansal Space India Nest LLP
392 MBA AIMSR Satish Shukla Space India Nest LLP
393 MBA AIMSR Palash pokharna Zivaya Spa & Wellness
394 MBA AIMSR Raunak Chelwani Zivaya Spa & Wellness
395 MCA AITR Pooja Sharma Harbinger Group
396 MCA AITR Tejaswani  Yadav Harbinger Group
397 MCA AITR Khushboo Shaikh L&T Infotech
398 MCA AITR Ankita Mohapatra MMF Infotech
399 MCA AITR Neelam Siddhabhatti MMF Infotech
400 MCA AITR Himanshi Chouhan NCS
401 MCA AITR Naman Jaju Tudip Technology
402 ME AITR Bikku Pandey Collabera
404 ME AITR Sujoy Banerjee Collabera
406 ME AITR Yash Dhamecha TCS
408 ME AITR Atharva Purohit Techture
411 ME ATC shubham yadav Amazon
413 ME ATC Neha Rathore Amazon
414 ME ATC sandeep kasera Amazon
415 ME ATC Prakhar Sharma Amazon
416 ME ATC Gurjeet Singh Saini Amazon
418 ME ATC Ansh Bajpayee Asahi India Glass
419 ME ATC Abhishek Sharma Collabera
420 ME ATC Aman Singh Collabera
421 ME ATC Gaurav Agarwal Collabera
423 ME ATC Pranjal Jain Collabera
424 ME ATC Rohitash Mishra Collabera
426 ME ATC Lucky Thakur COLLABERA
427 ME ATC Nishit Pawar Integrated Resource Inc
428 ME ATC Sumit Thaker Integrated Resource Inc
429 ME-Diploma AITR Nilesh Jha Asahi India Glass


Acropolis Institute Of Management Studies & Research
Students Recruited in 2017 (on campus)
S. NO Name Course Company
1 Mohit  Porwal B.Sc. CapGemini
2 Saloni Agrawal B.Sc. CapGemini
3 Satvik Singh Rajpoot B.Com.  (Hons) TCS – BPS
4 Daksha Bhandari BAM (MAM) TCS – BPS
5 Akash Sharma BBA TCS – BPS
6 Ashwin Pendse BAM (MAM) TCS – BPS
7 Nikita Agrawal B.com.  (Tax)) TCS – BPS
8 Akshay Sharma BBA TCS – BPS
9 Jay Singh B.Com. (Hons) TCS – BPS
10 Nandani Mittal BBA TCS – BPS
11 Chetna Ghodki B.Com.  (Hons) TCS – BPS
12 Manasvi Kopargaonkar B.Com.(Comp) TCS – BPS
13 Radhika Vaidya B.com.  (Tax)) TCS – BPS
14 Nikita Jain B.com.  (Tax)) TCS – BPS
15 Juhi Talreja B.Com.(Plain) TCS – BPS
16 Etisha Jain B.com.  (Tax)) TCS – BPS
17 Rajveer Singh Chouhan B.Com.  (Hons) TCS – BPS
18 Divya Gupte B.com.  (Tax)) TCS – BPS
19 Divya Malde BBA TCS – BPS
20 Rudranshee Jat BBA TCS – BPS
21 Rahul Mewara B.Com.  (Hons) TCS – BPS
22 Jainy Sethi BBA TCS – BPS
23 Sinju Josef B.Com.  (Hons) TCS – BPS
24 Yogita Singh B.Sc. Ripple Advisory
25 Juhi Talreja B.Com (Hons) Ripple Advisory
26 Satvik Singh B.Com (Hons) Ripple Advisory
27 Rahul Mewara B.Com (Hons) Ripple Advisory
28 Shraddha Bhatiya B.Com (Hons) Ripple Advisory
29 Nikita Jain BBA Ripple Advisory
30 Shaeesta Shaikh B.Com (Hons) Ripple Advisory
31 Janhavi  Choudhary B.Com – Ripple Advisory
32 Divyanjali Sinha BBA Teleperformance
33 Mohd. Zeeshan  Karim BBA DXC – Indore
34 Poorvi Ambulakar BBA DXC – Indore
35 Yogita Singh B.Sc. DXC – Indore

S. No. Branch Full Name Name of Selected Company
1 CE Abhishek Rokade EPA Infrastructure
2 CE Ajay Kharade Adroit Associates
3 CE AKASH DUBEY BuiltWell Solutions
4 CE Anmol Sinha EPA Infrastructure/Tata Projects Ltd.
5 CE Anurag kadole Adroit Associates
6 CE Ashutosh Tiwari BuiltWell Solutions
7 CE Devwrat Dubey EPA Infrastructure
9 CE Kanishk Porwal BuiltWell Solutions
10 CE Lalit Pandey BuiltWell Solutions
11 CE Lokesh Nahar EPA Infrastructure/BuiltWell Solutions
12 CE NARMADA GOUR BuiltWell Solutions
13 CE Prakhar Chourishi Adroit Associates
14 CE Prashant Mishra EPA Infrastructure
15 CE Rishabh Jain EPA Infrastructure
16 CE Rishabh Parmar Adroit Associates
17 CE Siddharth Matani BuiltWell Solutions
18 CE VIVEK SHARMA BuiltWell Solutions
19 CE Yash Ajmera Techture
20 CE- Diploma MAHENDRA MANDLOI ADCC Infocad ltd
21 IT Aayush Patidar Gyrix
22 IT Aditi Jain Zensar
23 IT Ajyendra Choudhary Batch Master
24 IT Akshay Billore Batch Master
25 IT Akshita Gupta Batch Master
26 IT Anshul Gupta TCS/ Reliance JIO
27 IT Arpan Lunawat Reliance JIO
29 IT Avdhesh Chouhan Click Labs/Calsoft
30 IT Ayush Jain TCS
31 IT Ayushi Bhardwaj Batch Master
32 IT Ayushi Dhelawat Batch Master
33 IT Burhanuddin Pithawala Infogain
34 IT Dheeraj Agrawal Batch Master
35 IT Fatema Saifee Zensar/ Reliance JIO
36 IT Gunjan Sokal Daffodil Technologies
37 IT Haripriya Panicker E-Tech
38 IT Harshal Sharma Zensar
39 IT Himanshu Maheshwari ETERNUS SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.
40 IT Indrani Bhowal Batch Master
41 IT Isha Agarwal Webdunia
42 IT Kavya Agrawal Zensar/ Reliance JIO
43 IT Krati Parmar Zensar
44 IT Lokesh Pathak Reliance JIO
45 IT Mahajan Galgach Siyana
46 IT Masooma Dosi Infogain
47 IT Mini Dubey E-Tech
48 IT Prachi Jaiswal Reliance JIO/ Siyana
49 IT Prakhar Jadon Collabera
50 IT Praniti Gokhru Quinnox
51 IT Prateek Bhonsale Systango
52 IT Pratik Kanadi Batch Master
53 IT Preyash Vashishtha Webdunia
54 IT Ranu Jain Zensar
55 IT Robin Ubbey Batch Master
56 IT Saloni Gupta E-Clinical/Hexaware
58 it shrey joshi L & T INFOTECH
59 IT Shuchi Jain Infogain
60 IT Sohail Khan TCS
61 IT Sophia Nelson Batch Master
62 IT Swarnima Jain Zensar
63 MCA Deepika Salve AI Technologies
64 MCA Kapil Kolte Systango
65 MCA Mohit Sharma Harbinger
66 MCA Narendra Bhadoriya Gyrix
67 MCA Pinkesh Kumawat AI Technologies
68 MCA Rahul Shrivas AI Technologies
69 MCA Shraddha Chourasia Harbinger
70 MCA Surbhi Chourasiya AI Technologies
71 MCA Vishita Mandloi Linkites
72 ME-Diploma amit vishwakarma ADCC Infocad ltd
73 ME-Diploma ashish jain ADCC Infocad ltd
74 ME-Diploma gaurav kumar ADCC Infocad ltd
75 ME-Diploma kartik choudhary ADCC Infocad ltd
76 ME-Diploma manish bankar ADCC Infocad ltd
77 ME-Diploma piyush lowanshi ADCC Infocad ltd
78 ME-Diploma praveen kumar Arucom & Apconic
79 ME-Diploma shubham chouhan TATA Project
80 EC Chetna Bokade TCS
81 EC Sajal Samaiya Asahi India Glass
82 EC Akshay Kapoor Collabera
83 EC Anjani Ojha Collabera
84 EC Arpita Rai Collabera
85 EC Shivani Sharma Collabera
86 EC Sarthak Bhalerao Collabera
87 EC Sanjita Jain Collabera
88 EC Purvi Shastri Collabera
89 EC Ankit Raghuvanshi TCS
90 EC Kunal Dubey Collabera
91 EC Garima Jain Collabera
92 EC Dewansh Jamnera Collabera
93 EC Chanchal Panthi Collabera
95 EC Ankita kumari SGS Technical Services Pvt. Ltd
96 EC Hardik Joshi SGS Technical Services Pvt. Ltd
97 EC Palak Shrivastava SGS Technical Services Pvt. Ltd
98 EC Sakshi More SGS Technical Services Pvt. Ltd
99 EC Tejas Singhai E-Clinical
100 EC Roopam Jain TCS
101 EC Kritarth Kudariya Tejas Cables Ltd.
102 EC Ankit Chandravanshi Tejas Cables Ltd.
103 EC Akshay Soni TCS
104 EC Deval Dixit TCS
105 EC Mayank Joshi TCS
106 EC Abhishek Dixit TCS
107 ME Deepesh Avlasia Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
108 ME Abhishek Mahesh Jash Engineering India Ltd.
109 ME Chinmay Paradkar MM Consultancy
110 ME Mrudul Amrutphale MM Consultancy
111 ME Faizan Khan Techture
112 ME Yash Ajmera Techture
113 ME Suyash Gupta Techture
114 ME Shubham Dubey Collabera
115 ME Jayant Jain Collabera
116 ME Animesh Joshi Collabera
117 ME Nitin Nair Arabol Lubricants
118 ME Shashwat Sharma Arabol Lubricants
119 ME Nihar Das TCS
120 ME Sagar Bagzai Jash Engineering India Ltd.
121 ME Sarthak Jakar TCS
122 ME Heramb Acharya TCS
123 ME Kumkum Kashive Jash Engineering India Ltd.
124 ME Nikhilesh Rathore TCS
125 ME Vivek Verma Jash Engineering India Ltd.
126 ME Akshay Wagela TCS
127 ME Ashwini Motiwale TCS
128 ME Nishchay Jaiswal TCS
129 ME Rahul Mandloi TCS
130 ME Tanmay Bhise Jash Engineering India Ltd.
131 ME Shubham Dwivedi Jash Engineering India Ltd.
132 ME Abhishek Yadav TCS
133 ME Anshul Jain TCS
134 ME Arpit Jain TCS
135 ME Swapnil Gayke Jash Engineering India Ltd.
136 ME Azeez Ali Jash Engineering India Ltd.
137 ME Nishant Bhosle Jash Engineering India Ltd.
138 CS Soumya Jain Daffodil Technologies
139 CS Diksha Solanki Infogain
140 CS Ekta Dhakad Infogain
141 CS Jatin Sahu Infogain
142 CS Kartik Holkar Infogain
143 CS Mahendra Yadav Infogain
144 CS Neha Gandhe Infogain
145 CS Nikhil Jain Infogain
146 CS Prafull Dhadkardhadkar Infogain
147 CS Shubhangi Bhargava Infogain
148 CS Sonal Pansari Neo-Soft
149 CS Astha Paliwal Neo-Soft
150 CS Kshitij Mandloi Neo- Soft
151 CS Aarti Suryavanshi TCS
152 CS Chiranjeev Sharma TCS
153 CS Khushboo Ajmera TCS
154 CS Mohit Agrawal TCS
155 CS Parv Khatri TCS
156 CS Sanjay Yadav TCS
157 CS Shruti Jain TCS
158 CS Aashrya Pandya Zensar
159 CS Aayushi Agrawal Zensar
160 CS Abhilasha Jayaswal Zensar
161 CS Akanksha Pandya Zensar
162 CS Akshita Bhandari Zensar
163 CS Ambika Gehlot Zensar
164 CS Annaba Saiyed Zensar
165 CS Anshul Chhabra Zensar
166 CS Drishti Shastri Zensar
167 CS Gitika Agarwal Zensar
168 CS Nilay Bhoraskar Zensar
169 CS Prachi Gangwal Zensar
170 CS Puneet Matta Zensar
171 CS Shruti Dixit Zensar
172 CS Sunidhi Kabra Zensar
173 CS Urvashi Surjey Zensar
174 CS Vineet Jain Zensar
175 CS Vivek Mishra Zensar
176 CS Kashish Gandhi Zensar
177 CS Aditi Mantri Zensar
178 CS Akshita Dubey Persistent
179 CS Himanshu Gupte Click Labs
180 CS Shubham Soni Click Labs
181 CS Vishal Jhanjhri Click Labs
182 CS Divya Goyal Calsoft
183 CS Neeraj Wadhwani Click Labs
184 CS Yash Udawat Yardi Software India Private Limited
185 CS Surbhi Yadav Virtusa-Polaris
186 CS Vikash Kag Virtusa-Polaris
187 CS Rahul Bawane Click Labs
190 CS Pratishtha Kapoor ETERNUS SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.
193 CS Ashrami Shukla Persistent
194 CS Ayush Pathak Persistent
195 CS Shreyas Gupta Persistent
196 CS Shubham Sharma Persistent Project
197 CS Niharika Gupta Linkites
198 CS Siddhant Chopra Webdunia
199 CS Yash Katiyar Webdunia
200 CS Bhavika Khandway Batch Master
201 CS Kishan Agarwal Batch Master
202 CS Murtuza Pithawala Batch Master
203 CS Shashank Doraya Batch Master
204 CS Shubham Patidar Batch Master
205 CS Prasheel Soni Systango
206 CS Rishabh Bhati Collabera
207 CS Siddhant Jain E-Tech
208 CS Bandana Mahapatra Tavisca
209 CS Megha Mehrotra Gyrix
210 CS Ritesh Patidar Click Labs
211 CS Twinkle Gupta Click Labs
212 CS Yash Baid Quinnox
213 CS Anurika Chourasiya Quinnox
214 CS Shreyas Joshi iLead Synapse
215 CS Anshita Malviya iLead Synapse
216 CS Tushar Bichhawa E-Clinical
217 CS Aditya Bisen Reliance JIO
218 CS Nikita Jain Systematrix
219 CS Suhail Shaikh Reliance JIO
220 CS Tejaswini Vyas E-Tech
221 CS Tanvi Mahajan E-Tech
222 CS Nikita Lande Yardi Software India Private Limited
223 CS Lovesh Patwari Yardi Software India Private Limited
224 CS Aditya Tomar Reliance JIO
225 CS Anshul Agrawal Reliance JIO
226 CS Suyash Shrivastava Best Peers Info Systems P. Ltd
227 CS Amisha Jain Best Peers Info Systems P. Ltd
228 CS Madhavi Sanwliya Best Peers Info Systems P. Ltd
229 CS Aishwarya Vyas TCS
230 CS Akansha Jaiswal TCS
231 CS Daminder Saluja TCS
232 CS Darshika Pathak TCS
233 CS Deepesh Vishwakarma Zensar
234 CS Kanupriya Malviya Zensar
235 CS Kapil Valecha Zensar
236 CS Karan Manchandia Zensar
237 CS Puneeta Saraf Zensar
238 CS Rahul Kochle Zensar

S. No. Branch Full Name Name of Selected Company
1 IT Rahul Gite CSC/ Indian Navy
2 IT Ankit Shukla CSC
3 IT Jayesh Belsare CSC
4 IT Payal Dodeja CSC
5 IT Rimsha Jain CSC
6 CE Abhilash Naik Indian Navy
7 CE Anshul Sahu PIU-PWD (Bhopal Division), kushwah & kushwah consultants
8 CE Deepak Kesharwani PIU-PWD (Jabalpur), Kushwah & Kushwah consultants
9 CE Gunjan Arora Ultra Technology
10 CE Jitesh Satwani Dileep Buildcon / Indian Navy
11 CE Kamal Kirar PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
12 CE Ketan Dave Ferro Concrete
13 CE Maharshi Joshi Indian Navy/PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
14 CE Mayank Singh Thakur Ferro Concrete
15 CE Mohit Singh Tomar Ferro Concrete / Indian Navy
16 CE Nayan Gupta TUV-SUD South Asia
17 CE Nidhi Agrawal TUV-SUD South Asia
18 CE Pooja Singh PIU-PWD (Bhopal Division), Lion Engineering consultants
19 CE Prakhar Sinhal PIU-PWD (Indore)
20 CE Prashant Sharma Ultra Technology
21 CE Prashant Verma Ultra Technology
22 CE Prateek Gehlot PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
23 CE Rishabh Nema PIU-PWD (Vidisha Division) (Aicon consultants)
24 CE Roshan Kadam PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
25 CE Sambhav Jain Dilip Buildcon
26 CE Sanjeev Kumar Rai Prachi Infrastructure/ Priya Construction
27 CE Shelendra Malviya PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
28 CE Shubham Jain Ultra Technology
29 CE Tanuj Mishra Dilip Buildcon /  Indian Navy
30 CE Tanya Sanghvi Mytrah Energy
31 CE Tupesh Shiv Ferro Concrete
32 CE Vaibhav Agrawal PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
33 CE Vaibhav Kewlani Dilip Buildcon
34 CE Vaibhav Shinde Indian Navy
35 CE Vijay Bariwal PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
36 CE Vijay Morya PIU-PWD (Indore)
37 CE Vikram Rajput Dilip Buildcon/TUV-SUD South Asia
38 CE Yashpal Raghuwanshi PIU-PWD (Bhopal Division), kushwah & kushwah consultants
39 CE Yogendra Singh PIU-PWD (Bhopal Division), kushwah & kushwah consultants
40 IT Aditi Agrawal Value Labs
41 IT Aditi Mishra HSBC
42 IT Aishwarya Dhariwal Infogain
43 IT Amit Chandore Techvertica
44 IT Amrit Baghel Innoeye/Globussoft / Indian navy
45 IT Anandita Saxena I-Gate
46 IT Ankit Pal Netlink
47 IT Ankita Sisodiya Zensar Technologies
48 IT Anshul Jain I-Gate
49 IT Anushree Banerjee I-Gate
50 IT Anvesha Acharya I-Gate
51 IT Ayushi Deval L&T
52 IT Ayushi Jain Hoonar Tekwurks
53 IT Ayushi Rathod Hotwax Media
54 IT Bhavana Khedkar Techvertica
55 IT Deepankan Sharma Indian Navy
56 IT Dhaval Wagela Hotwax Media
57 IT Harsh Agrawal MPHASIS
58 IT Harshita Sharma K-Tek Resourcing
59 IT Kajol Sethi Zensar Technologies
60 IT Kapil Paliwal L&T
61 IT Khushboo Gupta I-Gate
62 IT Manishree Mehta HSBC
63 IT Mayank Paryani Maeru System
64 IT Mayuri Kalwani HSBC
65 IT Mohd Azhar Chara Borm Bruckmeier /  Indian Navy
66 IT Monika Gupta I-Gate
67 IT Neha Meena Value Labs
68 IT Nitu Ramchandani HSBC
69 IT Onkar Lal Vishvakarma CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE
70 IT Prateek Lowalekar HSBC
71 IT Priya Dhamodkar L&T
72 IT Raman Choudary I-Gate
73 IT Rishabh Jain Infogain
74 IT Rohit Singh Chouhan Digital Marketing Systems Pvt. Ltd.
75 IT Rupal Holkar Zensar Technologies
76 IT Rupesh Kumar Agrawal Infogain
77 IT Sakshi Chaturvedi I-Gate
78 IT Sakshi Tongia HSBC
79 IT Sanket Gupta Infogain
80 IT Shankar Prajapat ISC SOFTWARE
81 IT Shikha Jaiswal Hotwax Media
82 IT Shubham Agrawal K-Tek Resourcing, TechVertica / Auksin Technology/ Rivigo
83 IT Shubham Bhandari L&T
84 IT Shubham Khade Zensar Technologies
85 IT Suhani Jain I-Gate
86 IT Sushen Holkar I-Gate
87 IT Swapnil Chouhan PERSISTENT
88 IT Tanveer Singh Hora L&T
89 IT Udit Airen Infogain
90 IT Urvashi Rathore I-Gate
91 IT Utsav Jain Auksin Technology
92 IT Vibhor Gupta Zensar Technologies
93 IT Yash Jain K-Tek Resourcing
94 IT Yash Kumar Jain K-Tek Resourcing
95 CE Abhishek Bagana PIU-PWD (Agar Division)
96 CE Abhishek Mohariya PIU-PWD (Bhopal Division), kushwah & kushwah consultants
97 CE Aditya Sharma Indian Navy\ Adroit Associates\ Indian Army
98 CE Akash Pushpad PIU-PWD (Indore)
99 CE Anirudh Dewada Ultra Technology
100 CE Ankit Gavshinde Ferro Concrete / Indian Navy
101 CE Ankush Rathore PIU-PWD (Indore)
102 CE Arvind Singh Khichi PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
103 CE Harsh Pratap Singh PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
104 CE Harsh Vardhan Rajput Ultra Technology/PIU-PWD (Bhopal HQ)
105 CE Himanshu Singh Rajput PIU-PWD (Bhopal Division), kushwah & kushwah consultants
106 CE Huzefa Crokerywala Ferro Concrete
107 CE Rahul Nayak Ferro Concrete
108 IT Rohit Rai Hotwax Media
109 ME- Diploma Prateek Deo Amazon
110 MCA Abhishek Gangrade WIPRO
111 MCA Bittu Tiwari WIPRO
112 MCA Divya Gupta L&T
113 MCA Dolly Das CSC
114 MCA Gunjan Deshmukh WIPRO
115 MCA Nayan Upadhayay WIPRO
116 MCA Palak Sahu WIPRO
117 MCA Pooja Gupta CSC
118 MCA Preeti Singh WIPRO
119 MCA Purnima Patidar L&T
120 MCA Rachit Sethi WIPRO
121 MCA Sanskrati Pawar WIPRO
122 MCA Tarun Dubey WIPRO
123 MCA  Aakruti  Jain Ambekar L&T
124 MCA Anindita Biswas L&T
125 MCA  Anshita Mohta WIPRO
126 MCA  Lokendra Prajapati WIPRO
127 MCA  Monika Soni WIPRO
128 MCA  Nandini Nandanwar WIPRO
129 MCA  Rohit Singh CSC
130 MCA  Roopali Bhale WIPRO
131 MCA  Shefali Jain WIPRO
132 CS Aafrin Shaikh Zensar Technologies
133 CS Aalekh Oza HSBC
134 CS Aanshul Maru I-Gate
135 CS Aayushi Jain I-Gate
136 CS Abhishek Patel Techlink
137 CS Abhishek Sahu Infogain
138 CS Aditi Khimeshra PERSISTENT
139 CS Aditi Sengar I-Gate
140 CS Akansha Motwani Borm Bruckmeier
141 CS Akshita Ujjainkar I-Gate
142 CS Aman Kaithwas L&T
143 CS Aman Sankla Borm Bruckmeier
144 CS Amay Chopra PERSISTENT
145 CS Amisha Patodi Borm Bruckmeier
146 CS Amishi Jain Zensar Technologies
147 CS Anand Pawar Hotwax Media
148 CS Ankit Mehta Zensar Technologies
149 CS Ankit Patidar Borm Bruckmeier
150 CS Ankit Ratnawat PERSISTENT
151 CS Anshuma Sharma Zensar Technologies
152 CS Antriksh Shrivastava Infogain
153 CS Anvee Gupta Zensar Technologies
154 CS Arzoo Jain I-Gate
155 CS Ashish Hamad CSC
156 CS Ashlesha Bawaskar Zensar Technologies
157 CS Ashmeet Kaur Chhabra PERSISTENT
158 CS Ashutosh Meena Zensar Technologies
159 CS Ayush Gupta CSC
160 CS Ayushi Gour L&T
161 CS Chetali Patidar L&T
162 CS Deeksha Shukla PERSISTENT
163 CS Deepak Chouhan Zensar Technologies
164 CS Dhruv Sharma Zensar Technologies
165 CS Dipali Sharma I-Gate
166 CS Disha Jain Borm Bruckmeier
167 CS Divya Soni Value Labs
168 CS Garima Punjabi Value Labs
169 CS Garima Sethiya CSC
170 CS Gurusha Shrivastava PERSISTENT
171 CS Harshal Muley HSBC
172 CS Harshul Dhamu Netlink
173 CS Hemlata Verma Zensar Technologies
174 CS Himanshu Sharma L&T
175 CS Hitesh Bhatia I-Gate
176 CS Jayesh Porwal Hotwax Media
177 CS Juhi Sharma Zensar Technologies
178 CS Kajol Yadav Zensar Technologies
179 CS Kamlesh Patlya Zensar Technologies
180 CS Kapil Choudhary Zensar Technologies
181 CS Kohinoor Bisone HSBC
182 CS Komal Maheshwari Zensar Technologies
183 CS Komal Malik I-Gate
184 CS Mahesh Chavhan Zensar Technologies
185 CS Meenakshi Chouhan PERSISTENT
186 CS Meghna Mittal Zensar Technologies
187 CS Minalee Goyal Zensar Technologies
188 CS Mohammad Shadab Ali HSBC
189 CS Mohammed Ujjainwala Hotwax Media
190 CS Mohd Aafaque Chauhan I-Gate
191 CS Mohit Parmar L&T
192 CS Mohita Rathore L&T
193 CS Muskan Jaiswal Infogain
194 CS Neelima Singh HSBC
195 CS Neeraj Bamnotey L&T
196 CS Neha Adlak HSBC
197 CS Neha Waghmare Infogain
198 CS Nidhi Kulkarni Infogain
199 CS Nidhi Rathore I-Gate
200 CS Nidhi Soni Infogain
201 CS Nikita Punjabi Zensar Technologies
202 CS Nitendra Singh Kushwah Infogain
203 CS Nitika Goswami HSBC
204 CS Nitisha Yadav Value Labs
205 CS Palak Kalani PERSISTENT
206 CS Pallavi Sugandhi Zensar Technologies
207 CS Parag Bhawsar HSBC
208 CS Pooja Batho HSBC
209 CS Pooja Gupta CSC
210 CS Pooja Yadav PERSISTENT
211 CS Prakhar Chavhan I-Gate
212 CS Pranay Gharde HSBC
213 CS Pranay Jadon I-Gate
214 CS Pranay Nema Value Labs
215 CS Prateek Mittal HSBC
216 CS Prateek Rokadiya Gyrix TechnoLabs LLP
217 CS Pratik Sinha HSBC
218 CS Praval Sharma Infogain
219 CS Praveen Patidar Netlink
220 CS Priya Goyal Zensar Technologies
221 CS Priya Shah I-Gate
222 CS Priyanka Lilhare HSBC
223 CS Rajat Joshi L&T
224 CS Rajat Malviya L&T
225 CS Randeep Singh Saluja Value Labs
226 cs Ravina Deshpande HSBC
227 CS Richa Agrawal Xoriant
228 CS Rishika Agrawal Zensar Technologies
229 CS Roopam Gupta Zensar Technologies
230 CS Sakshi Khandelwal Zensar Technologies
231 CS Samarpit Sharma PERSISTENT
232 CS Samyak Jain CSC
233 CS Sandesh Joshi Zensar Technologies
234 CS Sanjay Sharma Value Labs
235 CS Sanju Yadav L&T
236 CS Sarthak Sugandhi Zensar Technologies
237 CS Saumy Dadhich Zensar Technologies
238 CS Shalini Modi Webdunia
239 CS Sharad Jain Hoonar Tekwurks
240 CS Sharlet Hannah Wilson Zensar Technologies
241 CS Shikha Singh PERSISTENT
242 CS Shikhar Chaure I-Gate
243 CS Shivam Mishra Zensar Technologies
244 CS Shivani Bhasin HSBC
245 CS Shivani Chauhan PERSISTENT
246 CS Shreya Jaiswal I-Gate
247 CS Shreyank Chaubey L&T
248 CS Shreyas Padhye Gyrix TechnoLabs LLP
249 CS Shrishti Narle CSC
250 CS Shubham Jain Infogain
251 CS Shubham Patwa Zensar Technologies
252 CS Shubham Tukdiya L&T
253 CS Shweta Kesari Infogain
254 CS Siddharth Yadav PERSISTENT
255 CS Snehil Chouhan L&T
256 CS Somesh Choudhary Zensar Technologies
257 CS Sonali Singh Parihar I-Gate
258 CS Sourabh Jain Hotwax Media
259 CS Subhadra Yadav Infogain
260 CS Suraj Nair Borm Bruckmeier
262 CS Vinay Barod Infogain
263 CS Vinay Kumar Pawar Zensar Technologies
264 CS Vipul Mandloi Hotwax Media
265 CS Yash Agrawal I-Gate
266 CS Ayushi Verma L&T
267 CS Chandravadan Chourasia L&T
268 EC Abhinav Dhere HSBC
269 EC Ajinkya Pradhan I-Gate
270 EC Amit Sharma I-Gate
271 EC Amit Soniyer Value Labs
272 EC Ankit Bhatnagar I-Gate
273 EC Ankit Soni I-Gate
274 EC Anukriti Sharma L&T
275 EC Apoorva Gupta I-Gate
276 EC Ashu Gupta I-Gate
277 EC Deepali Jain HSBC
278 EC Dikpal Kanungo I-Gate
279 EC Gauri Prajapat I-Gate
280 EC Hemlata Verma I-Gate
281 EC Isha Verma I-Gate
282 EC Mayur Vijayvargiya I-Gate
283 EC Minal Bhatewara L&T
284 EC Nikhil Kulkarni I-Gate
285 EC Nitin Patel I-Gate
286 EC Paridhi Mudgal I-Gate
287 EC Paridhi Nagar HSBC
288 EC Pooja Jain I-Gate
289 EC Poorvi Gupta I-Gate
290 EC Rashi Sharma L&T
291 EC Ravina Sharma I-Gate
292 EC Rupesh Tomar I-Gate
293 EC Sachin Singh L&T
294 EC Sakshi Rembhotkar I-Gate
295 EC Samrin Khan I-Gate
296 EC Sandeep Chouhan I-Gate
297 EC Shivam Soni HSBC
298 EC Shruti Lele Value Labs
299 EC Sidra Qureshi I-Gate
300 EC Soniya Birla L&T
301 EC Sumeet Hattimare I-Gate
302 EC Sunny Chouhan I-Gate
303 EC Swapnil Joshi I-Gate
304 EC Vedant Dwivedi HSBC
305 EC Vijay Pratap Singh I-Gate
306 EC Vivek Agrawal L&T
307 EC Yash Jain I-Gate
308 EC Aayush Jain Collabera
309 EC Alpesh Prajapat Collabera
310 EC Ishan Trivedi Collabera
311 EC Megha Sharma Collabera
312 EC Nishant Mishra Collabera
313 EC Priyanka Thakre Collabera
314 ME Ankit Kumar Jain TCS
315 ME Abhishek Ambalkar TCS
316 ME Abhishek Shrivastava TCS
317 ME Amarsh Gupta TCS
318 ME Ankit Nashikkar TCS
319 ME Arpit Patel TCS
320 ME Ayushman Bhatore TCS
321 ME Bhavesh Sharma TCS
322 ME Harsh Gupta Jash Engineering
323 ME Harsh Kumar Sengar Jash Engineering
324 ME Hasan Baig TCS
325 ME Manohar Rajani Jash Engineering
326 ME Mayur Shrivastava TCS
327 ME Mohit Budhlani Jash Engineering
328 ME Nikhil Bakodiya Jash Engineering
329 ME Nilesh Raghuvanshi Jash Engineering
330 ME Prashant K Sain Eleation Simulation Academy
331 ME Priyank Rawat TCS
332 ME Rahul Pandey Force Motors
333 ME Rajat Mahajan TCS
334 ME Roneet Borade TCS
335 ME Ruchik Jadhav TCS
336 ME Shubham Rathod Jash Engineering
337 ME Shubhendra Singh Chouhan TCS
338 ME Vivek Verma Jash Engineering
339 ME Shashank Dubey TCS
340 ME Abhishek Gehlot Collabera
341 ME Aishwarya Bhatia Collabera
342 ME Akhilesh Yadav Collabera
343 ME Akshay Buke Collabera
344 ME Ankit Sharma Collabera
345 ME Anshul Goswami Collabera
346 ME Archit Jain Collabera
347 ME Bhupendra Verma Collabera
348 ME Chandan Agrawal Collabera
349 ME Darshan Patel Collabera
350 ME Jayesh Gondhvaniya Collabera
351 ME Malay Chouhan Collabera
352 ME Neeraj Jaiswal Collabera
353 ME Rahul Aste Collabera


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