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Rendezvous with E-Whizz (Entrepreneurial Talent Competition)

Date of the Event – 05.04.2019 (Friday)
Details of Participants – ECE I Year Students
Judged by- Prof. Snehal Pathak and Dr. Vinayak Vishwakarma

Write up giving highlights-
Srijan E-Cell, Unit of ECE Department organized – “Rendezvous with E-Whizz”, an entrepreneurial talent competition for ECE 1 year students. These students have successfully completed the PM YUVA WF NEN 101 module and pitched up their business ideas in the competition that they have built, nurtured and tested with several approaches on following points-  My Idea  Back of the Envelop Calculation Niche for my product/service Consumption Chain Mapping This is my customer  Value Proposition Canvas  Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas  MVP Design  Capstone Project

A total of 55 students participated and pitched their innovative ideas and were ratified by the judges. The main objective of this competition was to let students think out of the box and come up with new and innovative idea. The entire event was very much appreciated by all the participants as it gave them a platform to showcase their business idea and they got an opportunity to receive valuable inputs from maestros of Entrepreneurship in our institute, our own Prof. Atul N. Bharat (Director , CDC), Ms. Anupama Modi (Head, E-Cell) and the esteemed panel of judges.

The awards were given in two categories-

1) Judges Choice Awards                                             2)Special Recognition Awards
First Prize- Team Battery Sharer                                         First Prize- Team Book Adda
Mr. Abhay Suroliya                                                                    Ms. Avni Sanghvi
Mr. Anupam Pandey                                                                 Ms. Aparna Singh
Mr. Himanshu Singh                                                                Mr. Dhaval Jain
Ms. Sakina Malu                                                                        Mr. Vishwas Yadav
Mr. Rahul Malviya

Second Prize- Team Trucky                                          Second Prize- Team Veggie Hub
Mr. Aman Jain                                                                           Ms. Anushika Sharma
Mr. Amal V. Nair                                                                       Ms. Rhydam Tanwar
Ms. Aditi Suhane                                                                       Ms. Ambika Dubey
Mr. Alfaiz Khan                                                                         Mr. Ariyan S. Gautam
Mr. Arjun Chaudhary                                                               Mr. Archit Ladhha
Mr. Aman S. Patel

Third Prize- Team Electrent                                         Third Prize- Team Reseller
Mr. Jitendra Neema                                                                  Ms. Pooja Khandelwal
Mr. Raghav Laad                                                                       Ms. Krutika Marotkar
Mr. Ritik Gelani                                                                         Mr. Firoj Patel
Ms. Subhana Siddiqui                                                              Mr. Sandeep Sisodiya
Mr. Abhishek Gawli                                                                  Mr. Ayush Paliwal

The prize distribution was held on 12 April 2019 (Friday) at Ambani Hall. Dr. S.C. Sharma (Director), Dr. G. Darwhekar (Principal, AIPER), Prof. Geeta Santhosh(Head, FCA) and Ms. Anupama Modi(Group Head, E-Cell) awarded the certificates to the prize winning teams and appreciated their efforts


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