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Report on Expert Interaction Session

Speaker                  : Ms. Deepali Shrivastava Gogia

Position Hold         : Asst. Manager (Fin.)

Company               : VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Venue                    : Central Auditorium

Date                       : 25 May 2019

Day                        : Saturday

Beneficiaries          : Students of MBA semester II& IV

An Expert Lecture was organized by MBA department on 25 May 2019 at central auditorium of the Institute. The speaker was Ms. Deepali Shrivastava Gogia, more than 200 students attended the session. She talked about Corporate Culture. Corporate culture has two dimensions – communication and listening, Communication is the basic criteria to survive in corporate culture – interaction with people will help you in long run. Listening or we can say committed listening is the way to achieve our targets. Committed listening is important to understand our duties so that we can complete our work. Studies are important to present our identity. A degree with a good percentage can help us to enter in an organization.

To work in an organization we must be a good listener and also we must have good communication skills.



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