Acropolis Institute of Technology and research, Indore has completed its 13 years of establishment with a profound sense of contentment and pride over its record of contributions, achievements and recognition received towards to the path of excellence. It has introspected over the past and embarked over the pursuit of its vision to become a centre of academic excellence to develop technical leaders for tomorrow. A strong and established Alumni network is the key factor in designing the performance chart of an Institute and we at AITR believe in aiming to enhance institute’s development by bringing in numerous opportunities for both, the Alumni and their respective corporations, as well as the students. Acropolis Alumni Association is an emerging key organization which aims to continuously endeavor to strengthen the relationship of alumni to this institute and their alma mater. In this regard, the organization needs to take several new initiatives; besides strengthening many nascent pursuits by mobilizing and deploy significant resources to foster the bond between institute and alumni. AITR Alumni Association is dedicated to bringing together the alumni community on a common platform to build another channel of personal and professional support to members through ‘self-help’ within community. We take pride in the achievements of our Alumni and share their desire to take the institute to greater heights.

Words from the desk of Convener- Alumni Cell

Dear Alumni,

Hope you all are doing very well in your life. I am confident that you all are equipped with the light of knowledge, capabilities, enthusiasm and confidence that has been brought to you by education at our institute. I believe that it is possible that life and future can be crafted the way an individual desire and you will carve a very meaningful, distinctive and reputed one for you.  Remember that you are our global ambassadors and also carrying the reputation of engineers in general and that of Acropolis in particular and hope that you will uphold the name of the institute. I am sure that you will set even higher goals in your future career and contribute effectively towards the growth of our society and nation in all spheres through the application of your knowledge and technology.

I am also happy to apprise you that Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research; Indore is aiming to create an exhaustive Alumni database to serve as a hallmark to remain connected with its alumni. The Alumni Cell envisions maintaining a close bond and sharing various current events and policies with our alumni. I am sure; you too would like to stay connected to your alma mater and your own batch mates.  Therefore, it is very important that you register with the institutional website of the alumni database, update with your present information and keep updating the same in future. It will not only help you to know the whereabouts of your classmates and other alumni of the institute but also help the institute to stay connected with you, sharing joys of your progress, feeling proud at your achievements and keep you posted about the developments at the institute. I would also like to share with you that in order to recognize the valuable contribution and support of Alumni, the institute has proposed Alumni Awards and Alumni Reward points’ scheme, unique of its kind.

I once again congratulate you, urge you to contribute to nation building, shine the name of Acropolis and wish you all the best for your future endeavor.


(Prof. Gaurav Chaitanya)

Associate Professor, ECE Dept.

Convener, Alumni Cell

  1. Gaurav Chaitanya (ECE)- Convener
  2. Kavita Namdeo (CSE) – Co-convener
  3. Ankit Jain (ECE) – Secretary
  4. Nidhi Dahale (FCA) – Treasurer
  5. Namrata Chandel (CE) – Member
  6. Ronak Jain (IT) – Member
  7. Deepali Agrawal (ME) – Member

Alumni Association

Position Name of Alumni Branch Year of Passing
President Pravesh Shukla MCA 2015
Vice President Surbhi Chaurasia MCA 2017
Secretary Mohit Sharma MCA 2017
Joint Secretary (Finance) Himanshu Shukla MCA 2017
Joint Secretary (Assistant) Rahul Jain MCA 2017
Executive Member Vivek Mehta ME 2014
Shubham Sharma CSE 2017
Sophia Nelson IT 2017
Yuvraj Singh Kushwah CE 2017
Arpit Jain MCA 2015

Nominations will be called for Alumni Awards which are presented for the achievements of AITR alumni. The awards honor the outstanding achievements made by professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders who can demonstrate how their education at Acropolis and has influenced on their subsequent success.
There are three award categories-
• Professional Achievement Award – Recognizing AITR alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry.
• Best Alumni Award- Recognizing AITR alumni who have earned highest reward points in a year.
• Entrepreneurial Award – Recognizing AITR alumni who are active in initiating or contributing to start-up opportunities that have the potential for strong growth.
(KRA’s will be framed meticulously and published, to evaluate the nominations)

Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research has a strong alumni base with our alumni carving a niche for themselves in whichever field they are working in and at whichever place they are settled. The Alumni-Student Mentorship Program is being initiated with the aim to inspire, inform, guide, encourage and nurture the young students thereby making a profound difference on their life and become a vital part of strengthening student success.
This program will aim at enhancing alumni network within the institution and betterment of student interaction with the veteran alumni. Among our primary goals, one is to provide students with career guidance and help them to make decisions in their future endeavors, which initiated the idea of Alumni-Student Mentorship program.
The program will primarily focus on:
• Providing students a platform for one to one interaction with their esteemed alumni.
• Rendering students with career guidance.
• Tailoring them for their future endeavors.
• Catering to the betterment of alumni-student relationships by engaging them in fruitful conversation.
It is designed to help current students cultivate a network of contacts in the professional community. Through mentorship, students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful career and personal growth exploration with experienced and knowledgeable alumni. At the same time, alumni have the opportunity to give back meaningfully to their alma mater by helping today’s generation of students reach their personal and professional goals. The alumni also have the opportunity to network, interact, exchange ideas, and share experiences while building skills for success.




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