Our Mentors

Shri A.K. Sojatia

Chairman BoG

Considering that Technical Education is the backbone of every nation and students are the movers of technology, Acropolis laid its foundation in the year 2005. Since then with a cherished motto to create nation builders, Acropolis is heading to provide Quality education to its students and striving for their holistic development.

Believing in dictum, “Give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish; you feed him for a lifetime”, our firm persuasion about education is not only to create engineers with a highly Proficient professional career but concurrently a hale, healthy, robust, sound humans who can contribute their best in the service of our nation and the world at large.

At Acropolis, learning is a harmonious and pleasurable experience for students as the institute acclimatizes an intergraded approach with the right blend of academic, extra-curricular and sports pursuits. I am elated to acclaim that when our students enter in the professional world, they not only outshine but always uphold the dignity, ethics and values that we strive to instill in them.

I am assured and confident that with the sincere efforts of our advisory board and eminent educationists, Acropolis will retain the legacy and tread a spotless path towards the excellence and eminence in the domain of education with a flag held high.


Education is a social process. Education is growth.
Education is not preparation for life, but education is life itself.

“In this era of globalisation, the utmost urge is pace. Absolute knowledge of management and corporate wisdom is indeed the most effective phenomenon for development, which requires actual capitalisation of knowledge for taking decisions in time. The ethos of Indian culture and the pedagogy of enlightening wisdom belong to certain directive approaches which require zeal to create an ideal professional who can contribute to the society in totality. We, at Acropolis, are developing such professionals who will serve the society and work towards its development and towards environmental support, with an attitude of creating surplus in the field of education. I take this opportunity to emphasise that Acropolis will surely contribute in the development of such professionals who will carry the flag of the nation at the world’s highest Aero.”

Shri Ashish Sojatia

Shri Anand Sojatia


“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”. Believing the dictum that every student possesses multiple sparks, we, at Acropolis, always encourage and empower them and it is our conscious effort to nurture each one of them to achieve their potential beyond conventional academic success. Hence, to ensure greater learning outcomes from our students, the institute has introduced innovative interventions in classroom processes with well equipped laboratories, a full-fledged library, maximum possible access to internet, spacious classrooms and advanced study materials. Our English dept. is equipped with two high tech labs for developing soft skills and interpersonal skills which will make students’ transition smoother and help them excel in their jobs. Apart from classroom teaching we facilitate students with seminars, workshops, progressive personality development programmes, remedial classes to students in need, career counseling, extracurricular activities and NSS for their all round development. To provide financial assistance the institute offers merit-cum-means scholarship as well as administers a number of scholarships which are awarded to the students for their outstanding academic achievements.
As stars shine in the night and give way gradually to the blazing sun so a student with the guidance of teachers shines brightly in the constellation of achievers. I feel proud to announce that Acropolis has observed an exponential growth with a blast of more than three hundred students’ placement in various leading software companies. In the last few years the Institute has been able to achieve remarkably. Congratulations to our budding automotive engineers who stood 1st in M.P. and also secured the 9th position in India at the Baja SAEINDIA 2012. The institute is committed to excel in teaching, training, capacity-building, entrepreneurship development, and public service.
To foster an understanding and appreciation of the intellectual and cultural heritage of man we are determined to build our institute as an inimitable center of Excellence for Higher Education sworn by total quality Management at all levels.
I wish that the string of success continues in the coming year too and the foundation that has been laid by us grows in strength with each passing year and we hope that our children grow up as an asset to the society and make us truly proud

Gaining Momentum for Innovation

Our minds are like the sea, deep as our thoughts. Ideas are generated by the mind when it is exposed to knowledge or the environment in exactly the same way as water rises as vapour under the hot sun to create clouds. Ideas are processed to create innovation. Passionate individuals make innovation their life work. The ship of real innovators transforms all storms into a motivating push!

Innovation is the power of creativity at its peak. We are much more creative than we realize. Yet many of us get caught in a humdrum work cycle that doesn’t stimulate our imagination. Imagination is a tool which, if used well, can help you build the palace of a great fortune. Understanding how to use your imagination correctly, and putting this knowledge into practice, for your own and others’ benefit, will put you on the golden path to success. The power of imagination can help us heal earth; build a just society; create contentment; enlighten a human spirit!

The intellect lies in creating a beautiful alchemy of creativity, imagination & adventure & making it gain enough momentum. There is a magic in momentum. Just as a downhill skier starts off slowly at the top of the hill but quickly becomes unstoppable as he progresses down the slope, you can tune momentum to such a degree that it successfully guides you towards the ultimate goal sought.

Shri Gaurav Sojatia


Dr. M.K. Dube

B.Sc. (Engg.)
PG Diploma (Germany)
Vice Chairman
Experience - 55 yrs.

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self. -Napoleon Hill

Man’s ability over all other creatures on this Earth is the ability to think. All successful people use this talent to improve their lives and control their own destiny.  All truly successful people have a driving force within them that sets them apart from others. Their total existence is sustained for the fulfilment of their goals. The passion within these individuals to achieve has been so deeply implanted; that their mental power is driven by this force and does not let them rest until they reach their desired destination.

The truth of life is that man’s limits are self imposed by what the mind is given to believe. If you expand your belief of your own abilities, you will also expand your true realm of accomplishment. But, remember, it requires a strategy, your game plan of life, the road map you will use to accomplish your goals, ambitions and desires. Design a strategy that gives your life direction and navigates you towards success. George William Curtis observes, “It is not ship so much as the skilled sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.”

When a boy goes out of his college, he should be full of life, full of vigor, full of energy and full of delight in his young life to take up the burden of the work of the world. The destiny of a nation is folded within its budding youth, as is the flower within the close embrace of the petals. That what our youth thinks today, the nation will think tomorrow. It is, therefore, highly imperative that our youth be imbued with the highest educational ideals, the ability to go the extra mile, positive expectancy, enthusiasm and to adapt the path less trodden. Get ready to take charge of your own mental abilities and cause them to work for your own accomplishment of success. Then, and then only you will be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

In the era of globalization, where education does not commence with an alphabet, the ideal education is one, which instills values of life like courage, trustfulness, simplicity, discipline, hard work, fraternity and above all wisdom. An integrated aspect of education is to cultivate proper knowledge, skill and attitude for right action and behavior.

Acropolis, an institute with management wisdom, with a combination of experienced, young and energetic faculties along with extraordinary infrastructure, will impart value added education of global standards to help the students for competitive excellence and become excellent professionals. With new direction, new heights and new aspirations, I welcome students and wish them to join us in exploring and shaping the future.   “If the vision is clear, the future is bright.”

Dr. Jayanti Lal Bhandari

M.Com, Ph.D. & D.Lit
Group Director
Experience - 42 yrs.

Mr. Atul. N. Bharat

MBA, EEC-IIM-B, EEDC- ISB Hyderabad, Ph.D.
Group Director - Career Development Cell
Experience - 26 yrs.

Dear Students,

The speedy industrial growth and synergetic blend of technology and innovation is fuelling dynamism in global business arena. Transcending effectively the ever changing dynamic business horizon is the key challenge for today’s professional in any discipline or vertical in Industry. It is our consistent endeavor by career development cell at Acropolis to access & identity the evolving leadership and techno managerial imperatives of industry and pursues a multidisciplinary approach to harness and channelize the latent potential of our budding professionals.

Career Development Cell provides the students an insight into the complex dynamics of the corporate world and is fine-tuned significantly every time to stay abreast with the current critical industrial & business scenarios. We ensure an environment wherein students at Acropolis unlock their potential and develop the inherent skills and insight to take the leadership roles in their own way.

You’ve chosen us as an institute that supports your dreams and goals. Whether it was a specific program, entrepreneurship skill development or higher studies, values, The speedy industrial growth and synergetic blend of technology and innovation is fuelling dynamism in global business arena. Transcending effectively the ever changing dynamic business horizon is the key challenge for today’s professional in any discipline or vertical in Industry. It is our consistent endeavor by career development cell at Acropolis to access & identity the evolving leadership and techno managerial imperatives of industry and pursues a multidisciplinary approach to harness and channelize the latent potential of our budding professionals.

Location, financial package, or intimate learning environment, something drew you to Acropolis and allowed you to trust us with educating and preparing you as student for a change agent in future setting up a bench mark in dynamic business world being an “ACROPOLIAN

Dr. S.C. Sharma

BE, M.Tech, Ph.D.
Director, AITR
Experience - 26 yrs.

Dr. G.N. Darwhekar

B.Pharm, M.Pharm & Ph.D.
Principal, AIPER
Experience - 20 yrs.

Dr. Tarun Kushwaha

Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Ashok Jhawar

Ph. D. , M. Com.
Principal, AIMSR .
Experience - 31 yrs.

Dr. Geetanjali Chandra

Dean, Professor of Law

Dr. Suresh Jain

B.E., M.E., Ph.D. (CS)
Professor CSE & Dean Academics
Experience: 35 Years

Dr. Kamal Kumar Sethi

BE, M.Tech, MBA & Ph.D.
Experience - 18 yrs.

Dr. Prashant Lakkadwala

B.E., M.E., PhD
Experience - 23 Years

Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao

B.Sc, MCA, Ph.D.
Experience - 22 yrs.

Dr. Namrata Tapasvi

B.E. ,MBA, M.E. ,Ph.D. ,
Professor & HOD CSE (AI&ML),
Experience 22 years

Prof. Geeta Santhosh

Bsc MCA (Ph.D)
Experience 32.6 years

Dr. Pranoti Belapurkar

M.Sc. Prof. Ph.D. Microbiology, & HOD, Bio Sci., AIMSR
Experience - 21 yrs.

Dr. U.B.S.

ME, Ph.D.
Prof. & HOD, ECE
Experience - 22 yrs

Dr. Amit Marwah

ME, Ph.D.
Prof. & HOD, ME
Experience - 18 yrs

Dr. Jayant Awasthy

Dr. Prashant Geete

Dr. Satish Talreja

M.Sc, Ph.D.
HOD, Mathematics
Experience: 17 yrs.

Sumitra Joshi

MA (English Lit.),
MA (Sociology), B.Ed,
M. Phil (English),
Ph. D pursuing.
Experience - 20 yrs

Dr. Sushma Patidar

M.Sc., M. Tech., Ph.D.
HOD Physics. (Associate Professor) Experience - 11 yrs

Prof. Vaishali Rao

HOD Chemistry
Experience-17 Years