Teach for India Education & Research Samiti was founded with the objective of creating state-of-art, world class, high quality technical education facilities at Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.


  • To foster an understanding and appreciation of the intellectual and cultural heritage of man.
  • To cultivate in its students values of love and compassion, so as to create a world of happiness and contentment for others and themselves.


  • To envisage future challenges in the field of education both at a National and International level. Educate and train students so that they can become qualified & highly skilled professionals and meet future challenges and needs of globalization with panache.
  • To inculcate a research culture to help India transform from a developing to a developed country.
  • The Institute strives to produce young people who will become builders of future India. A generation with high skills, knowledge, expertise and wisdom for better productivity and economic upliftment of the society & the country.

Group Philosophy

We believe in overall development of our students so that they not only learn relevant knowledge but also develop as a responsible citizen.

  •  Participative management
  •  To benefit from group synergy
  •  Knowledge integration
  •  Delegation & decentralization
  •  Commitment & involvement of each faculty & staff.
  •  Encouragement to innovations & creativity
  •  Striving for systems perfection.
  •  Speed & quality of response.
  •  Meeting aspirations of employees & team work.
  •  Community welfare.
  •  Concern for environment.
  •  Growth of an individual.

We believe that our faculties are action oriented & willing to take initiatives. They are willing to learn, feel free to express their ideas & experience. Faculty members collaborate with a feeling of family in an environment which is encouraging for development. We believe that systems are no substitute for the warmth of feeling between different departments.